thread: Have some type of rash! can anyone help?

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    Carla707 Guest

    Have some type of rash! can anyone help?

    i am a new member and im almost 7months pregnant. i have this itching problem but there is no visable rash and its very irritating. the doctores dont kno wht it is and really cant help me because i have nothing visable on my body. have any of yous had this problem or know anyone that has???

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    Melinda Guest

    Hey Carla,

    Welcome to BB and congrats on your PG!

    About the rash - is it all over your body or in isolated parts? For quite a long time I had a really bad rash/itch on one side of my face and down my neck. It was totally unbearable and there wasn't anything the doctors could do - I was given a mild cortisone cream but it did absolutely nothing. I couldn't have anything at all touching my face or neck - not even my hair LOL. The OB suspected that I may have been headed for Bells Palsy but so far that hasn't happened and the itch itself eventually disappeared, although it took quite a long time. You could look at my face and it looked a bit red - kind of like I looked flushed, but otherwise I looked totally normal! It obviously felt a lot worse than it looked!! Have you tried putting a cold face washer on the area affected? That would sometimes give me a bit of relief.

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    Carla707 Guest

    The rash, or so called rash, is basically everywhere. It bothers me most on my legs and my rear end. I was tearing up my skin so bad that my bf made me cut my nails and use a soft bristled brush to scratch with so i didnt cut up my skin anymore. I had little scabs all over my legs and behind. Its just very strange that there is no visable rash and there isnt any redness untill i scratch. There are no bumps either. My mom told me that my aunt had the same problem when she was pregnant with her first child and that the itching went away after she had her daughter. Her doctors didnt know what it was either. I tried using some creams to help with the itch but it doesnt do anything.. so i guess ill just have to deal with it untill i have my

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    Pietta Guest

    Ask your doctor to check your bile salts. I had the same problem and they checked that and it came back negative but apparently it is a problem with your liver. Has your skin been yellow at all? The doc said that is a good indication. Mine ended up being that i was allergic to the chlorine at the hospital pregnancy water classes.
    Having probs with your bile salts is nothing too serious it just means the bub will come out early.

    I hope this helps

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    Carla707 Guest

    I did get that checked. I saw something on tv the one day where this woman had this rash and they called it "Cholestasis of Pregnancy" and that it can cause still birth and other complications. I got really worried and i started looking it up on the internet to read up about it and get some info.. The site told me to get two blood tests done so i did. The one was a Serum Bile Acid test and the other was a Liver Function test.. i got the both of them done and my results came out normal so i dont have to worry about that.

    I thank you and everyone that are trying to help cuz im just very curious of what it could be.

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    Melinda Guest

    Wow Carla that sounds pretty awful! I hope that it settles down for you! I can understand why you wanted to get it looked into and it's good that you've had blood tests etc done to try and get to the bottom of it, but it's bad that nothing's been found and therefore nothing that can be done for you! Trust me, I do sympathise because I felt like my skin was just crawling and I felt like ripping one side of my face and neck clean off as well! LOL

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    Carla707 Guest

    Tootie it is pretty bad. You obviously know what it feels like, and its not a good feeling at all when all you want to do is scratch your skin off. But i thank you for all your help, and i hope it calms down too. If not then its ok i guess... ill just have to deal with it for the next few months, and i hope them few months go by as fast as

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    Melinda Guest

    Good luck Carla - I hope it settles down for you or that you manage to find something that will soothe it a bit for you!

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    julz Guest

    Hi there,

    In my last pregnancy I had a horrible itch all over. Nothing worked at all. I did some research on the internet & they call it "pups", not even my doctor or midwife diagnosed this condition.

    Hope this helps not sure about still birth would do some of your own research on pups... (in pregnancy...)