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    Hi Guys,

    I am due in 5 weeks but recently have been having some issues which make me think that I might be going earlier.
    I wont go into great details but if anyone is interested I posted it on the most recent 'due in january' in belly buddies.

    My main question here is about having your show. With my DD i never had one but wondered if I am perhaps having one now. I know they can vary in women and be very different.
    Yesterday and I little bit today when I wipe when I wee I notice a browny colour on the loo paper. Not mucousy just brownish wet stuff. Only once when I wiped was there a bit of mucous. I have also noticed that my wee is a funny colour at times. Like an orangey browny colour. I am not dehydrated and have been chekced and have no infections. When I told my ob yesterday he said my cervix might be dialating.
    So basically I wonder what other ppl went through if they have had a show before.
    Also what do you think the brown stuff could be? I am not convinced it's a show coming out though a few friends seem to think it might be.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had a show the day before i delivered DD - big glob like EWCM. Heaps of it - no colour. I went to docs that morning and he said (ever so casually) "oh....your in labour".....
    Could the brownish mucus be gunk (sounds so ladylike doesnt it?) built up over the last 9 months or so - maybe body is preparing for birth, thus reason for the increased discharge.....just a thought.

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    Anything is possible thats why I am asking hehe. The only thing i could think of was that it was a clean out...the ob was the one who said..oh it might be your cervix dialating. Who knows.
    I am gonna chat to him more about it tomorrow when i have my apppt.
    I will be very shocked if I found out I have had the show.

    Will have to let you know.

    Thanks for the help ladies.

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