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Thread: head low down vs engaged

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    nelliesbelly Guest

    Default head low down vs engaged

    Are these the same thing?

    Just curious as my doc said the babys head was down nice and low- is this engaged at all?

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    Babushka Doll Guest


    hmm, my OB said the baby is right down, and I said "So its engaged" and he said yes fully engaged. I think somtimes they might think we don't understand the lingo, however they don't know we are BB members! LOL
    Maybe just confirm at your next appt.

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    nelliesbelly Guest


    thanks babushka I am going to see ob tomorrow so will do...

    he also keeps saying, my the baby is a very decent size. so i looked her weight up on the web and it said bub was about 3 1/2 weeks above average (wouldnt trust the accuracy of this info though) so will ask him about that too.

    My friends ob gave her a guestimate at this stage of the final birthweight so Im going to ask about that too!

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    Babushka Doll Guest


    Im going to ask my OB the same thing on Wednesday at my 37 week appt. Good luck! X

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    Head down doesnt always mean engaged - it can just mean bub is not breech, but head can still be above the pelvis and not engaged fully into the pelvis IFYKWIM. Best to check at your appointment, good luck!

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    My bub has been head down since week 27 but she STILL isn't engaged - naughty little baby!

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    nelliesbelly Guest


    went to ob and she is not not engaged! head just down. im just getting ahead of myself. baby is very healthy which is great.

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