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Thread: Headaches & Blood Pressure

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    I am 32 weeks and have been getting a few headaches this week while at work.

    I am constantly sitting in front of the PC and the lights in the office are really bright. I am going to see what its like over the weekend and if I have any over the weekend I will see someone at the hospital on Monday morning (as I have a scan that day).

    I am not overally swelling up, my fingers are a bit puffy but not my ankles and my BP was fine last week at my check up.

    My Dad is bringing me in a BP machine so I wanted to know what your BP has to be during pregnancy? Just so I can check it and see if its ok.

    Floss xx

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    i dont know what the 'ideal' is i guess it would chg with everyone??? perhaps compare it to the BP readings you have had at your previous visits (assume they wrote it on your card). My OB gave me a hint that it should always be taken from the same arm too as that can make a slight difference. good luck.

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    Hi Flossie
    In general it should not be more than 140/90. However it also depends on what your BP was before you became pregnant. Just remember some of the electronic BP's are not that accurate.

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    I have been the same and in the same situation....

    I sit infront of a computer all day, BUt my ankes have been swelling up so bad they look sprained and it hurts to walk.....

    My BP was hovering around 130/70 then i went 110/70 then last visist went to 130/80, my fingers are a bit puffy and so is my face NOT severly tho but noticable.....

    i was concerned too but am waiting until my next app (next wed) but i have now cut down my hours to 6 a day instead of 8 and finishing for Mat leave end of next week.....

    I am 35 weeks tomorrow.....

    Good luck and lets hope we both dont end up with Pre-eclampsia......

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