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    Mommie2boys Guest

    Exclamation HELP!

    I am 37 weeks pregnant and I have been loosing my mucous plug gradually for two weeks now. Today I had intercourse and a "white chunk" came out during. I know what my mucous plug looks like and this was deffinately not that.

    I dont remember this with my first son, and dont know what i should do...

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    mummymeegs Guest


    Definitely get it checked out! It could be part of your plug.. but it could be numerous other things too. I would get myself down to the hospital just to make sure!

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    julesy Guest


    If you have had mucous coming away for a few weeks now, it may be that some of it has been sitting in your vagina for a few days without you knowing it. If this is the case, a thick clump may have formed and the act of intercourse was the only thing that dislodged it. As long as it was white/yellow and not green or frothy (as in infection) then it was probably just an old clump of mucous that got stuck!

    I would ring your midwife anyway, but this makes sense to me...
    Hope this helps alleviate some anxiety!!


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