thread: Herbal treatments in the final weeks?

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    Question Herbal treatments in the final weeks?

    I'm wondering if there is a danger in using herbal remedies in the final weeks of pregnancy. I have aromatherapy products for headaches which I have been avoiding using all this time but decided to try a few days ago and nothing bad happened! Also I have a great range of peppermint foot treatments from the body shop. I used to be a body shop consultant and know that some of them were advised to not be used because the amount of essential oils in them was too high.
    Is it because they might bring on labour that these things (peppermint/lavender/sweet marjoram) are supposed to be avoided? Is there any harm therefore in using them now I am within 10days of being due?
    Obviously I dont want to harm the baby in any way but I am desperate for a bit of relief with my poor swollen feet in this heat!

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    There are lots of oils and treatments that you should steer clear of all together, and some you should use alternative oils for. Use spearmint instead of peppermint - its milder.

    Here is a list of oils you CAN use:
    Chamomile Roman
    Rose Bulger + Maroc (although these are VERY expensive, a plain rose oil will do. You will buy it as a 3% solution - pure rose oil is around $300 for 3ml but the solution is fine to use instead)

    There are oil blends for everything from back rub oil, cracked nipple oil, constipation oils and labour oils. Here's a few blends, if you want specifics, just let me know. I used them during labour and all throughout my pregnancy and I swear by them. There are some that are essential and easy to use too if you want the natural birth approach, like lavender.

    Massage base oil (just as important as the essentials)
    30ml Almond Oil
    15ml wheatgerm oil
    10 drops borage seed oil
    5 drops carrot oil (this is orange and will stain clothes, so be careful)
    Rose - 7drops
    Lavender - 6 drops
    Tangerine - 5 drops

    I used this oil and only got very few stretch marks in the last 2 weeks of prenancy. Also use if you already have them as it will reduce their appearance and severity. Use liberally. Also nice to get DP to massage your belly. Calendula ointment is also great for this - and for Nappy rash!!

    Raspberry Leaf tea is excellent as a uterine relaxant, although is is also used to prepare your uterus for birth, some swear by it if you go overdue. Keep using it after birth aswell, expecially if breastfeeding.

    Helps ligaments to soften enabling pelvic bones to expand and great for getting back your skins elasticity after birth!
    Neroli: Great for easy breathing and calming nerves - esp during panting. VERY calming and increases oxygen supply to blood and brain. NB: 1-2 drops in burner = calming, in higher does = STIMULANT. Its anti-depressant and great for confidence.
    Lavender: Stimulates circulation, is calming and is an antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant, antiviral anti-inflammatory. GREAT for headaches too! NB: undiluted 1-2 drops will relax you to sleep 5 = drops will keep you awake.
    Use lavender IMMEDIATELY after birth by rubbing 2-3 drops on your pubic bone to assist uterine contraction.
    Nutmeg: Alleviates anxiety and increases circulation
    Clary-Sage: DO NOT USE SAGE! Clary-sage is much milder, but use sparingly. Helps respiritory, musclar and uterine systems, creates a euphoric response and helps breathing by calming the lower part of the spinal cord.
    Geranium:One of the best circulatroy oils (Better circulation = better/easier breathing) Good ofr endomitrium and uterus, contractive effect, so great for after birth. Anti-depressant - has a great up-lifting effect.

    Your baby becomes as aware of smells as it is emotions and sounds she feels and hears, so you can take advantage of the oils by using calming oils a few days before your DD and during labour to create a calming and welcoming environment for the baby to be born into.

    A massage therapist or aromatherapist will be able to give you more info if you need advice on specific blends, etc, but I can give you specific ones DF made for me is you want them. If you have an electric oil burner, use that in your birthing suite, just dont make it too strong!

    Hope this is helpful....but remember, if in doubt, ask an aromatherapist! Oh, and if you like the oil it will help, if you cant stand the smell of is, it wont be so helpful!!
    There are also blends for PND and C/S wound oils...if you need them, let me know.

    Good luck and remember - each contraction means you are one step closer to meeting your bubba so enjoy every minute of labour!!

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    ooh - that was longer than I realised! lol

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    thanks limeslice, u certainly know yr stuff. i had been wondering the same thing, as i'm due in 2 days and have been trying to gently encourage baby to get the hell out for a week already. i have bathed with basil essential oil, as i heard you could use it in labour, but to avoid it in pregnancy. is that ok? the other thing i was unsure about was soap with rosemary in it (the pears translucent one). i thought it might be good for healing post birth, as it encourages circulation. but i'm concerned to use it on my bits, as i dont want to encourage haemorroids which are already aggressive and sure to be MUCH worse after delivery. what should i use instead (something like aloevera with peppermint to cool and contract perhaps?) would really appreciate your advice!!! (too shy to ask someone in 3d)

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    I have no advise on the topic...just wanted to see...goodluck!!

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    My partner is really in to all this aromatherapy stuff is a Massage and Hypno Therapist...sort of got into myself when trying to prepare for a natural hypno birth! lol
    Def try the Raspberry Leaf tea - you can get it for a bout $5 from any good health foods store...dont put milk in it, and use as little sugar as you can cope with! lol drink about 4-5 cups a day if your that close and see what happens. It is GREAT for uterine preperation and its tastes good too! lol

    As a general rule I dont think you should use soap on mucous membranes (this applies if you have a bubba girl too) its can be very irritating. Try using a non-soap alternative. I had a C/S so obviously didnt need much for *the girls* lol but in terms of perineum care, try massaging ONE drop of rose oil on our perineum several times a day until you give birth (helps soften and allows it to stretch easier in an effort to prevent tearing and stitches) Ideally start 5 days before your EDD, but anytime is good!. Careful not to get it inside the vag though.

    If you can bathe after birth (check with your doctors) you can add 4 drops of any of the following to the bath:
    Rose, Neroli, Lavender, Nutmeg, Clary-Sage, Geranium, Grapefruit, Fennel, Calendula, Frankincense, Myrrh (VERY thick sticky smelly oil!) Patchoouli.
    If you can only shower, after you finish put 4 drops on a face-cloth and wipe all over your body.

    All of these are great for PN care, for various things, but you can use them in a body oil at 30 drops max per 30ml vegetable oil base. Rose, Neroli and Clary-sage is really nice. Play until you find a blend you like (dont mix them all at once lol)

    Specifically for your bits after birth, the best thing is a saline bath (make sure to use table salt) Add to it ONE drop of Lavender and ONE drop of Roman or German Chamomile (Roman is great for the baby later on to settle too...) Swish the water around and then lower yourself in! Lavender is anti-biotic/viral/septic and a disinfectant so its a great chemical free way to wash the delicate stuff. Remember to keep a bottle of lavender oil with your Eucalyptus for any burns, cuts, grazes, etc as it facilitates healing! (try it next time you burn your hand heals quicker with no scar or blistering)

    NB: Dont apply essential oils directly neat to any orifice - ears, mouth, rectum, vagina...

    This a basic uplifting general oil for after birth (not for PND) USe these quantities in 30 ml of Vegetable Oil for amssage oil or body rub (great for bonding after birth between you and DP) or use the proportions to make a concentrate and use in diffuser (electric burner)
    Nutmeg - 7 drops
    Rose - 12 drops
    Frankincense - 2 drops
    Lemon - 9 drops

    If you do have a C/S, try finding a calendula ointment you should be able to get it at the health food shop and use it directly on your wound GENTLY!! lol.... the one i use and is great for everything from scars and cuts, sores to nappy rash. It also reduces the appearence of scars LIKE STRETCH MARKS!! lol its great stuff and you cannot use too much of it.

    Good luck with the birth...I hope the Goddess brings you all the strength and power you need

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    WOW thanks soooo much Limeslice, you certainly are passionate about this stuff. You were much more helpful than our local health shop too!!!! They arent much chop unfortunately.
    I have a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy oral spray for the labour to promote reassurance (alleviate fear) and concentration. And lavender massage oil. HMMm might have to venture out in the heat to get a few more bits before the due date.
    Once again thanks for your help

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    HTH If you check out your local library you should find heaps of stuff about meditations and oils for birth too...and if youre in perth/WA I can give you the number of the woman who sold me all my oils and specialises in Maternity/Labour aromatherapy...

    Let me know how your birth goes and what you used!

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    thanks limeslice. i slathered myself in clary sage today and hoping contrax are starting now- I'm expecting it to be today as i am due in 2 days and this is my second bub, my first coming at 40+1. if it works it will solve the prob of what to do tonite

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