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    i thought i might right in this one because you have already gone though it i was just wondering in 17 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my second child and i can remeber how it feels when baby kicks since last week iv been feeling little pocks in my belly they start on one side and though out the day they move all around my belly one day there might be a lot of these and then the next will be quiet then the day after that maybe one or two am i feeling my baby kicking or am i inmaging it and how many should i feel around this time i get very worried when i dont feel it some days can anyone help

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    I think I was around 22 weeks when I said to my OB that I wasn't feeling kicks regularly.. and he said that's not a problem at this stage. So don't worry too much at 18 weeks that you're not feeling it regularly. I think there's still a lot of room in there for them to bounce around in, so you won't feel every leg stretch or punch

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    I believe i felt my first movements at 17 weeks, i was unsure if it was kicks that i was feeling, but i liked to think so! my partner couldnt feel anything from the outside of my belly for a while after, ive read thats because there is still plenty of room for her to move around freely. I wanted to be able to feel movements constantly, but that just never happended.

    Now at 25 weeks however, i can feel the movements so stringly, so can anyone else who has their hand on my belly!
    I sometimes rest the TV remote on my belly when she is moving around, its quite cute to watch it go up and down as she moves!


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    I probably did feel movement everyday from about 16 weeks, but when you're busy and preoccupied, they pass by without you noticing. I have found that if I sat very still and concentrated on trying to feel movements, I would usually feel something, even if it was only a swish, in the space of a couple of hours (usually just before bed). It was only once I was 24 weeks or so that the kicks were strong enough for me to feel and remember even when I wasn't thinking about it.

    But it's so normal to worry about it. How can we not? I still do now and I'm almost 30 weeks on. If I wake up during the night, I can't go back to sleep unless bub gives me a boot and I know everything's alright. Of course, the little'un is kicking the h*ll out of me now, so....


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