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Thread: Home Stretch....

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    sajemsha Guest

    Talking Home Stretch....

    Finally I've made it into the third tri and besides feeling really tired most of the time and getting puffed and not sleeping enough, I feel fine
    I can't wait until this baby is born, I'm not looking forward to my fourth ceaser, but I've found a gret Doctor who I trust so I'm not as terrified by the prospect.

    Is there anyone else who will be having an elective ceaser?

    I can feel the baby moving heeps and I can now feel body parts Don't know which ones though!

    We're thinking of the name Abigail Kaylee (Abby for short) I think we'll stick to this one, we've changed our minds so many times

    Well big tummy rubs all

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    Congrats on reaching the 3rd trimester!! Good luck with it all and I love the name you have chosen!

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