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    Just a quick question... atm my fingers feel swollen.. when looking at them it doesnt look noticeably swollen but when i make a fist I can feel it like its uncomfortable to clench a fist... just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.. it is fairly hot here today (34 deg) and my ankles aren't swollen...

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    Yes I am the same today, u poor thing... Its real hot here today too unbeleivable! I have that problem with my ankles today, they dont look swollen but really hurt when Im on my feet, and to rotate my ankles around it hurts. But it might be from the ammount of cleaning and cooking in the kitchen Ive done today as well. But I sure do find when its hotter I am far more affected!

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    I'm not quite as far along as you, but I am finding that my fingers swell today as well, and most really hot days (not that there has been many up here lately!).

    Word or warning, they reckon its gonna be even hotter tomorrow so look after yourselves ok!

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    Hey there,

    Swelling is alway a problem for me in the heat too... but just keep an eye one it, as ANY swelling heat related or not is classed as swelling, so make sure you don't have protein in your urine, and high blood pressure... two out of three can mean pre eclampsia... not to scare you, but my mw told me this after we had some hot weather...

    If it's quite uncomfy call your dr or mw, just to be safe...

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