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Thread: how stupid dp i feel

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    Red face how stupid dp i feel

    hi guys on friday night i feel down somestairs at home and i landed on my bum which my god did it hurt we wereon our way out for dinner but in the car i started to get contractions so i thought best to go the hospital to get checked out i felt silly doing so but yes i was having contractions as i have a irrtiable utrus as well so i think that was playing up and i am rh- blood so they were also worried about a bleed so i stayed in overnight and i had the best support some midwives they were great. also friday i was in the kitchen and i slipped on the floor and i did the leg split and on my god i think i pulled something and now when every (tmi ) i open my legs to turn in bed or anything like that it really hurts alot i told midwives they sad it could just be a pulled muscle so over all friday was not a good day at all i have the biggest brusie i have ever had on my bum and it hurts bad heat packs help but i just feel so unsafe now on stairs i live in a three storey house so i have to go up and down stairs alot i just feel so lucky bubs is ok

    also kelly this forum look great now i love the colours purple is my favorite colour

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    hi darl,
    I know how you feel about heat packs not working!I see you are due on the 15th June, why don't you pop in the june belly buddies and meet the other girls due in june!
    I too am RH- so I know where you are oming from with the bleed!


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    OMG woman!

    Strap a bunch of cushions around you, and put on a helmet next time you decide to leave the house!!!

    You poor thing, please try to take care!

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    Ouchie, you poor thing. Take Care of yourself, please.

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