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Thread: How to tell if your'e leaking Amniotic Fluid??

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    Default How to tell if your'e leaking Amniotic Fluid??

    Hi there All

    OK - i have to admit that throughout this entire pregnancy i have been somewhat "moist" down stairs and as the days move closer and closer to the finish line i am becoming more concerned that i may be leaking amniotic fluid or if i was I wouldn't be able to tell the difference....

    Sorry TMI ahead....

    My discharge is not at all thick or mucousy it is consistantly clear and has no distinct colour (sometimes light yellow but only very slight) or smell, i do however get the sensation of trickles quite often which is probably my biggest concern.

    I am carrying very low and thought this may have something to do with it, however does anyone know of a way to work out how to determine if it is indeed amniotic fluid without having to go to the hospital and have speculums put in (yikes 8-[ ) - not my favourite thing to do unnecesarily....

    I read somewhere that you can purchase PH Swabs but I'm not sure if these are readily available in Australia....

    Would love to hear if anyone else is going through this torment....



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    I have to say it sounds similar to my situation. I have NO idea what's going on, but Im just assuming all is ok. Will be interested to hear what others have to say xo

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    I was told that amniotic fluid has a very distinctive, slightly sweet smell. But I reckon if you're unsure you do need to get it checked out as I think some women get infections because of too much leakage.

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    i agree if you are at all concerned, contact your midwives or ob.

    yes the fluid has quite a distinctive smell and when you smell it you will know.

    i think you should just get it checked out, my girlfriend was leaking fluid for one week when she was at 38wks and didn't think anything of it - because she was positive for strep b her daughter had to go to special care afterwards for a few days, not sure if this was because of the strep b or that the fluid was leaking for so long - btw her daughter is fine a healthy cheeky georgeous 7yr old.

    good luck

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    I'm not sure what is smells like but amniotic fluid is a pail yellow colour. I know this because I had an amnio and got to see it before they sent it off the lab. I would get it checked if only to put your mind at ease.

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    If you think that you could possibly be leaking amnio fluid then take yourself to your maternity ward & ask to speak to a midwife & then ask if she can do a test for it. My waters broke early both times with my pg & the only way they knew for sure that it was my waters & not anything else was by doing the "stick" test ~ where they swab either your vagina or if you've had a pad on, then they will test that. If the stick changes to a certain colour upon contact with the fluid then it is your waters.

    It is really quick & will only take them about 2mins to do & then you will know what you are dealing with & then you can get a course of action to follow.

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    Hi DiannaQ
    If you are sure that this fluid is not urine then it is important that you get it checked out. There is no need to use a speculum. We can use a thing that looks like a cotton bud which is dipped into the fluid and can indicate within a few seconds if it is amniotic fluid. What I suggest is for you to put a pad on and when it is damp go th the hospital. To do this test we do not need a small damp patch.

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    My hind waters broke (which is from the amno sac) a week before Matthew was born and I could tell the difference. I had heaps of discharge all throughout and woke up one morning and it was like I have wet my pants - not just a damp patch but wringing wet. You def need to get it checked out for sure and maternity pads are the only thngs that'll soak it up.

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