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    ooh Im so hungry

    Just ate dinner, then a cherry ripe, next thing you know I have hunger pains!

    Anyone else so hungry?

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    I certainly had my days when I was like that and just kept looking for something to eat!! Died right off toward the end for me though. Now I'm back to looking for food half the day!! I think that's got something to do with BF though cos it burns lots of calories or something.

    Yum on the cherry ripe btw!!

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    I get halfway through my dinner and Im already thinking about what form of cholcolate I will eat eg. milo, cadbury, brownie etc! - and this can be after a HUGE dinner!! More like a craving I guess but Ive never eaten so much in my life!

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    Oh cherry ripe......i feel like one now!!

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    nelliesbelly Guest


    he he cherry ripes are pretty yummy.

    I am hungry again now as if i havnt eaten in days hungry when i had a normal lunch and im managing a scary amount of progress on a family block of chocolate

    I didnt have an appetite at all for the first 22 weeks of pregnancy. Then it was normal and the last week its been quite enormous!

    Im a really fussy eater and chocolate is an easy fix.

    I might try a hot milk drink.

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