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Thread: I cant believe this can happen

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    Default I cant believe this can happen

    I went for my OB appt at the hospital yesterday, and they did the usual urine test (at my hospital all us GD ladies go in like cattle, wee in a cup and put it on the bench to be tested - they are not named or marked to tell whose is whos, you put them in front of your chart), as soon as I went in to see the OB, she says "I'm admitting you, your to be induced today" - when I asked her what was going on she tells me that I have +3 protein in my urine, and therefore since im at term she feels it safer to induce me. They wouldnt allow me to leave the hospital (I had nothing with me), and took me straight to the maternity ward.
    As you can imagine, I was really distressed and worried, especially as my last labour was completely natural, and I have consistently said unless its medically needed, I want no intervention. I rang my DP and mother, as well as my friend that was looking after my other two children at home, everyone went to panic stations.
    Next thing they hook me up to monitors, and tell me that the labour ward is full, so I have to wait to be induced. They take my blood pressure 120/60, I have no headaches, vision problems - in fact I feel fine (except emotionally). They monitor the baby for an hour and a half, all is fine there as well - DP turns up completly frazzled - we sit and freak out together for the next 5 hours.
    I finally call a nurse, and ask whats going on - she says the birth suites are full, and they are waiting for a spot so they can induce me - I tell her I feel fine, my BP is fine, the monitoring is fine, I make a joke that perhaps they have the wrong protein test results. The nurse offers to do another one now, so she does and guess what - Trace only - she gets me to do another one - Trace only - they send my next urine sample off for a more accurate test - 3 hours later - Trace only. The doctor comes around to talk to us (by this time its 9.30pm) he says that they want to keep me in overnight, but it appears that the first test was wrong. I stay in overnight they monitor my BP which doesnt change, and they discharge me this morning
    Now im worried that theres another woman out there with +3 protein in her urine but doesnt know about it

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    oh my how scary i hope they call back in all those women who were there at the hospital that day to double check

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    OMG how scary. Thank goodness they checked and re checked your urine. Although it is very slack on their behalf, I mean as you said there is a wman out there that has a +3 protien level and she doesn't know it. They should allow you to put your name on your samples.

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    To think you came so close to being unecessarily induced :fuming: Why didn't they do another urine test before admitting you! I hope they are ringing all the other women who did urine samples that day to come in and do another one.


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    this is unbelievable - I'm so glad there was no room for you, what a fright, thankfully your OK, but I agree, what about the other woman?

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