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Thread: I cut my belly - how to help it heal

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    Default I cut my belly - how to help it heal

    hi all this is not as bad as it sounds, i dropped the stand for a mozzie coil an caught it against my bare belly, but when i did i cut my belly about 3mm deep and 1.5 cm long. the problem is cos of the tention accross my belly being preg its stretched open and i cant get it to close so it can heal proberly. i dont want it to heal opent cos it will create a scar about 2mm wide and 1.5 cm long

    What do i do???

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    I'd say go to a chemist and get some fixamol (can't remember how to spell it), it's the best stuff ever! or I guess you could go to hospie and see if they'll give you a few butterfly stitches but I actually think fixamol will work better coz it's the same sorta stuff but in a wide roll so will cover the whole sore.

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    Hey lovey,
    Get steri strips from your local chemist. And let the area get plenty of fresh air ans sunlight while you are home.The as it starts to heal use bio oil or vit e oil to stop it reopening and make it heal nice and flat.

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    I would go with the fixamol
    Clean the area and dry well
    stich the fixamol to one side of the wound
    pull the would together and stick the fixamol to the othere side of the wound
    Leave it for at least 5 days
    It is ok to get the fixamol wet when showering

    Fixamol sticks really well if it is difficult to remove after the 5 days cover it with vegie/olive/nut oil and leave it for a couple of hours. You should then find that the fixamol comes off easy

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