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Thread: I get this long stitch pain? what is it

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    mummy_in_training Guest

    Question I get this long stitch pain? what is it


    bit clueless but I need to ask as i have been getting them atleast once a day I am 33 weeks pregnant. I get this pain down there inside my body, i imagine its the place that is closed up so my baby is protected. Its really bizare as it feels like a very long stitch being pulled out and is very uncomfortable, and sometimes its quite painful, it disrupts what ever I am doing... does anyone get this feeling ?

    also I get my period cramps now frequently? what is it????

    also my baby feels like he is head butting where he is meant to be coming out?

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    dawnatello12 Guest


    i would check in with dr.
    i have stitch like pain often in my left side as well as when i cough, use washroom, sneeze and it is from fibroids. i had it checked out though.
    the period like cramps sound more alarming in some ways since they could indicate something else as in 3rd trimester there could be placenta issues and can present with no bleeding and like that.

    i am overly cautious as been spotting on and off since october for no good reason!! the dr is considering bed rest for me for the last bit. i am 30.5 weeks along. can you tell i am counting down??

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    If this pain is a sharp stabbing pain and at the front where your pubic bone is then it is normal. Its the joint in your pubic bone sepersating. The other symptoms are normal.

    I Love your nickname

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    mummy_in_training Guest

    Smile thank you

    thanks for your help, it is very scary when I am responsible for a human who lives off me and who I cannot see, and I can only hear a heart beat when I go to the doctors...

    jUst between you and me as I had to go to the doctors today as when I was doing laps a tourist threw his little girl in the water and she landed on my lower back, and i wanted to make sure that everything was ok as those pains started and I was scared, i do not find just a heart beat reassuring.... so its expierenced people like yourself I am confident in and not cold and rude almost haertless to my fear, after hours doctor.

    So thanks, I really like this site, and the people..

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