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Thread: i have a question? about soduim

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    Default i have a question? about soduim

    im 35 weeks this week, and i have started craving anything with sodium.

    at about this time with my DS for the last 3 weeks or so i just needed powerade drinks and salty stuff. and now this pregancy i have started craving it again.....?
    maybe my body gets low around this mark of my pregnancies?
    i also cant get enough soda water?
    can anyone tellme if this is my bodies way of telling me something? and being only 3/4 weeks to go having a c section on the 21st Feb can i just drink soda water?
    its pretty weird maybe bub is talking everthing i have........
    would love to hear your thoughts.....thanks in advance TG

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    Hi TG

    There is a theory that your cravings are related to a lack of some minerals etc. However I have not seen any research that proves this. Soda water should be ok to drink but I donít think it has much if any sodium in it. The fizz is caused by carbon dioxide gas. Bananas have quite a lot of sodium but too many can cause constipation.

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