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    Hi all these are a few of my thoughts that I have discovered in the last month. A lot of it is what I have preferred but/my opinion and others may vary but I hope it helps some. Will try to put why I liked/didn't like stuff so hopefully will help you decide when purchasing items.

    Breast pads:
    I tried Rite aid, they are ok, not as soft as Pigeon ultra slim and premium or Medela. I found the ones that are shaped or have a tuck in them to be better for my nipples.

    Lansinoh: Invaluable if breastfeeding, it keeps the nipple soft and helps it as I don't know about you but I am not used to having a vaccum attached to my nipples 6-8 times a day. Inevitably you may get a few grazes while getting attachment right. I have found Calendula cream great too. Don't be afraid to ask for help and it does get better, just hang in there.

    Cabbage: brilliant for engorgement. buy a big one or one with lots of smooth outer leaves. the inner curly ones are uncomfortable.

    Maternity bras: The more they cover your breast the better, I have found it stops me from over filling too much. When your milk first comes in wear a bra to bed, I didn't and found it so uncomfortable. They overfilled and where so stiff, rolling over was uncomfy - they needed support.

    Sanitary pads: I tried the Kotex maternity surfboard, really didn't like, felt uncomfortable, really bulky. I tried these after my water broke but preferred the Libra thin ones with wings as they stayed in place better. And I changed them frequently anyway as they felt yuk. In hospital they used big incontinence pads, they were good, but would be bulky if at home and trying to do normal things. I would have felt self conscious. Post partum, I had an emergency C-section so idn't need extra padding - the ultra slim were good. I used about 3 packets of them and then have gone to regular and light and panty liners

    Cooking and freezing meals and stockpiling essentials such as cereal, long life milk, toilet paper, and other essentials. IT just makes things easier, sometimes the day just goes and it is dinner time and you have not had a chance to prepare anything or bub may be unsettled. It is so much easier to pull something out of the freezer. It is also handy to not have to go to the shops (unless you want to) for the basics.

    Rocker/Play mat: DS is becoming more alert after feeds and will sometimes play there while I prepare tea or is somewhere handy to put him while I wash my hands after nappy changes.

    Cloth nappies: Flanellette or Terry - brilliant for putting under his head to catch spills in his cot,rocker or playmat, as burp cloths and a million other uses. It is much easier to wash these than sheets or constantly sponging things.

    'Fluffies' burp cloths: these are good, I put them under the cloth nappy on things it saves having to was whatever is underneath if it soaks tgough. Again easier to wash.

    wrap carrier: great for when he is unsettled because I ate something which disagreed with him. Only downside is how long it takes to put on. I have used a baby bjorn too which was good as quick to put on but I don't really like them as baby doesn't feel as snuggly- more out there and unprotected. This was given to me, will use it but wouldn't have brought one.

    Dummy- work out if you want to use one. Have found it brilliant to help him settle when he just wants to suck. I offer the breast and he just holds it in his mouth - not really conducive to me getting things done or resting and can give your boobs a break. Sometimes they do want to be held and that is something you learn. It is not a bad thing and they are only small for a while. Whatever you decide to do don't feel guilty. I did and felt like a bad mum using a dummy but you do what you have to do to get by. It hasn't affected my supply but everyone is different. We do try and settle and comfort him other ways first.

    Muslin wraps- depending how often you wash I would say maybe at least 8? I have 7 but wash every day. The Target 1m ones are good.

    Wondersuits - great!. My DS was 3610g (7lb5) and is wearing OOO wondersuits. Initially wore0000 best and less and sprout brand suits. Suits wihout feet are good as the only reason the 0000 don't fit are because of his feet.

    Nappies- all are pretty good ( tried woolworths, babylove, joey, huggies). Huggies are probably the best but have found they all leak at times.

    As I think pf more stuff will post. Hope this is helpful

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    Great and helpful list !!!! THANKS

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    Firstly congratulations on the birth of your bub.

    Secondly, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is all stuff I have been thinking about lately as my due date looms (5 weeks to go!).

    Keep them coming as you think of them, the breast pad and maternity pad reccommendations are great, I'm going grocery shopping now so I'll pick some up!

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    Great tips. I'm just starting to think about this stuff now so its perfect timing.

    Congrats on the bub too!

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