thread: ideas to cope with being overdue

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    Oct 2004
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    ideas to cope with being overdue

    Hi Ladies

    Today was my EDD and it doesnt appear that my son will make an entrance tonight.
    I have been having some very scattered cramping pains, about 4 hrs apart so nothing to indicate that he intends on coming tonight.

    How am I going to handle the next couple days, weeks until he arrives. I am already going out of my mind.

    I just want to meet him now.

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    Sep 2005
    Pakenham, Victoria

    good luck i hope he arrives soon, all i can tell you to do it rest as much as possible as you will need it now.

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    Jul 2004

    I know what you mean! I was 1 week overdue with DD and i ws going mad from about 34 weeks!

    I just went shopping heaps which helped a lot and i got to buy cute baby things in the process! I had to be induced anyway because of pre-eclampsia, which i'm glad otherwise i could of had to wait longer!

    I hope he arrives soon!

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    Mar 2005

    Hun, all I can suggest is to baby dance abit if not to uncomfy, and eat something spicy (hot), these are meant to help. Good luck darl.xx

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    The wait must be frustrating for you, but just remember - you will be a mummy really soon, and - this may not seem any consolation right now, but its far better to have an overdue baby than a prem! Good luck with the birth.

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    kjorgo1 Guest

    HAVE SEX!!! I was a about a week over with DD and after having a walked forever nothing happened (although it did make her well and truely engaged), we had sex and within about 2 hours I was in labour. It certainly worked for us!!

    Good Luck

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    Fee Guest

    Just a quick note ... Tracey had her baby this morning! All is well

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    Cynthaz Guest

    I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow... I want to wait for baby to come naturally and my doctor is talking about inducing him. I plan to stand firm until 42 weeks.

    Here's hoping I won't need to wait much longer :-) I have been shopping today trying to distract myself, but every sales assistant asked "how long to go" so it didn't really work :-)

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    Oct 2003
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    IKWYM I held on for 17 days!! & everywhere I went people asked me when I was due and I'd say "oh last week" ](*,)

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Congratulations Tracey on your new arrival! =D> =D> =D> Enjoy!

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    Jan 2005
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    lol I was scrolling through this and was wondering if bubby had come yet!
    Great stuff Tracey \/ Congrats.

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    Cynthaz Guest

    Just thought I'd grumble that I'm still waiting. Seems like forever!

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    Jul 2005
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    Both my children were 2 weeks overdue. If this one is overdue (as I expect) I plan to rest/sleep/cross-stitch/read a good book because there will be precious little time to do this for months afterward. Actually I don't mind being overdue as such, just the physical discomfort factor. Worrying about the birth is the worst of it... but once again do something like go to the movies (another activity that will soon be impossible with a newborn)... oh it's easy to think of activities because even NOW 10 and 2 years later there are things I wish I had more of before motherhood!