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Thread: Im really confused can anyone help?

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    Default Im really confused can anyone help?

    hi girls

    im really confused on a few things hoping someone can help

    Swimming and baths - is baths and swimming dangerous now? i use to go swimming and walking in the water evry second day and love my luke warm baths to ease back pain but my midwife told me that its now dangerous to do them things as it can bring on labour, ive heard this about baths but not swimming wats your thoughts on this???

    Waters breaking - when your waters break is the liquid just like water with no smell or does it have blood and stuff in it ive been told by differnt people different things so now im really confused

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    Please dont quote me on this as you midwife has worned you off them then maybe its best you dont do it anymore but I thought that you couldn't have hot baths and hot spa's as this can bring on labor not swimming and have a normal bath aslong as you have someone to help you out as you there might come a day where you just cant do it on your own (it happened to me...) but like I said dont quote me..

    Good luck on bring you baby to this world very soon...

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    Hi Aimes
    Swimming and baths are fine. Just make sure that the bath is not hot.
    When your waters break it usually just looks like water. Sometimes it may have a slight tinge of colour to it. It smells a little sweet, some people say that it smells a little like semen. When it happens it will either come out in a large gush and then it is obvious what it is, but sometimes it could just trickle out and can be mistaken for an increase in CM. Some women will also feeling a popping sensation as the water breaks.

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