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Thread: I'm really sorry, TMI

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    Default I'm really sorry, TMI

    I'm sorry to ask this, but it's intrigued me. I have a strong sensation to go do number 2, but when I get in there, I can't get anything out. I'm not constipated, it doesn't hurt - it's just very strange. I don't rememeber this with my other kiddies so I was wondering if anyone else was feeling it???

    Tia and sorry again!


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    Hi there!
    Ive had the same thing too - i think it might just be bub sitting in a spot where we get that sensation and pressure from the head - although i could be wrong too - seems like the most likely explanation! Good luck!

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    Hi Bec
    Its the position of your baby presing on your bowel

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    Thanks for the replies - does it mean the baby's engaged then? Surely if it's that far down, it's doing something LOL

    Must be on a nerve or something too, I've got awful back pains!

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