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Thread: Inducing Labour with Group B Strep

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    Angela80 Guest

    Default Inducing Labour with Group B Strep

    Hi all,

    As you can see from my little signature I'm due in 10 days, however my OB said from my last appointment (on Wednesday 2 May) that I would probably give birth this weekend (note it's now 10.30pm Sunday night and no baby!!), however if I hadn't had bub by the next appointment on the 9th that she'll discuss inducing me.

    She's measured my belly and I'm at full term and two weeks ago she did an internal and said I was ripe and soft. She also did a swap, which came back as positive to Group B Strep.

    Would having GBS have anything to do with inducing labour?

    I would love to hear from anyone with advice or experience with this.

    Thanks. xx

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    heca Guest


    Hi Angela80,

    I, too, am getting close to my EDD (tomorrow) and have tested positive for GBS. (This is my second child). I think GBS is only an issue once your waters have broken, whether that is part of the induction process or something that happens at the start of your labour. I haven't heard any reasons for early induction simply because of GBS.

    With GBS, rather than letting you wait 24 hours to go into spontaneous labour after your waters have broken--however that happens--you are more likely to be induced or augmented after just six hours without labour, to avoid bub getting infection from GBS. You are given IV antiobiotics (penicillin) when labour contractions begin, to protect the baby from picking up GBS through the birth process.

    Best of luck with the waiting game. I have been waiting to go into labour since about 38 weeks. I guess each day down brings you one step closer.

    Hope that helps,


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    Angela80 Guest


    Hi Heca,

    Thank you so much for your reply. It certainly put me at ease and does make sense what you said.

    Isn't it funny - this waiting game takes me back to childhood to very long Christmas Eves!!

    All the best for today. Please let me know how you go - you'll be in my prayers!

    Angela xx

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    heca Guest


    Hi Angela,

    I totally agree about Christmas. I feel like a child again, counting down the 'sleeps.' My focus has totally narrowed to any twinge or sign my body gives out.

    Best of luck and don't worry about the GBS too much. I'm going for a stretch and sweep on Thursday, and last time that got things moving three days later, so who knows. If that doesn't work, it's an induction 10 days past my due date, but I just can't imagine waiting that long. It seems like eternity. I was just reading the 'post date' threads, and it's reassuring see that it's extremely common to feel this way, from like, 36 weeks or earlier!

    Labour vibes to you too,


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    Angela, regardless of the labour being induced or not, you will need to have Antibiotics during labour for the GroupB Strep. If you have a drip induction, they will simply ad the ab's to the drip. Otherwise it will just be an injection.

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    Do you want to be induced? It starts off the cascade of interventions and doesn't come without risks and side effects. Definitely worth informing yourself especially if nothing is wrong with you or your baby. Strep B is not a reason to induce.
    Kelly xx

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    Heca - Im due tomorrow too!!! Have my dr appointment today - and I have group b strep! Theyjsut told me to go in as soon as my waters break, although at this stage I think we will be talking induction too!! Good luck!!!!

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    Hi Angela
    I agree with Kelly. GBS is no reason for induction. But as others have said you will have antibiotics during labour. The main problem with GBS is the chance of your baby catching it as it is being born. This can make your baby very sick. However 1 or 2 injections of antibiotics during labour is enough th prevent this from happening. You will br given an injection every 4 or 6 hours depending on which antibiotic they use.

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