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Thread: Induction?

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    Isabeau Guest

    Default Induction?

    I followed a link to a page that was supposed to have information about medical induction but the page couldn't be found can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    sjc Guest


    my linky display thing isn't working at the moment, but if you click on 'articles' up the top, then click on 'birth' , then click on 'induction of labour- to induce or not to induce?'

    I think the link is:
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    Isabeau Guest


    Thanks I just want to know what I'm in for if I have to be induced

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    Isabeau Guest


    ok... that's scary

    something else I can worry about lol..oh dear

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    Not many women should HAVE to be induced that is the thing... understanding induction and knowing when it is really necessary is important. Grab a copy of The Thinking Womans Guide to a Better Birth... great reading for every pregnant woman.
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    Isabeau Guest


    mm I'm overdue so if I have to get induced for a good reason what is the safest way?

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    I had to be induced for my first pregnancy and if you can avoid it then definately try to!!
    My waters broke and thats about all that happened, no contractions nothing so 3 days later at 7am i was induced, and i had no opportunity to get used to the contractions so it was extremely painful, i ended up having an epidural and falling asleep lol and at 10.21pm Rylan Max finally arrived.
    That was my experience i hope it didnt sound too scary!!
    If it has to be done then it must be the best thing for you and your baby so good luck either way.

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    paradise lost Guest


    DD came on her own at 41+4, but i was booked for induction at 42wks. I stated that unless my labour failed to progress at all for 24 hours or more i refused pitocin and my Ob had a feel of my cervix (which was open to 2cm for the last 3 weeks of pregnancy) and said he'd just rupture my membrane and see how i went.

    My labour began with my waters going so i reckon that'd have been enough to bring her out :-)


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