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Thread: Induction at 40 weeks 5 days

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    OMG... I am sooo with the others.. tell him to bugga off! Babies have a really weird knack of coming when they are ready... funny that huh. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to do it!

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    I have just booked in for an induction for 5 days after my due date with the reason being that I live in the country and am finding it increasingly difficult to get to my ob appointments which I travel 2 hours to and then having to wait at least 2 hours in waiting room, grrr! Probably sounds wrong to some of you but I'm sure this baby is coming soon anyway and hope that induction wont be necessary. I'm 2 cms dilated and beginning to have a show but just wanted to book in as my ob is going away on holidays and I wanted to get things organised with him. I am 3/5 engaged and ob feels that I only need my waters to be broken to get things going.
    In saying this though, my ob was very understanding to what I wanted and put no pressure on me with dates, whatsoever!! If I change my mind he said thats fine and we can just reschedule for whenever I'm ready. Good luck!
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    A study has shown that the average gestation for a first pregnancy is 40w8d, with a second pregnancy a little less than that.

    Yet because of the hideous induction rate in our country, the average gestation is hovering around the 39w mark? Thats two full weeks earlier...
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