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    Default Intense/painful BH

    I have been getting intense BH in the last week.

    This is baby number 5 and these BH are like proper contractions. I feel them build up, hit, peak and ease off. They hold for a good minute or so. They require breathing through and sometimes i get that sting im cervix like you do when you are dilating.

    They are never regular though which is why im not down the hospital every 5 minutes. The other night i had 3 about 1/2 hour apart and then they stopped.

    Im just wondering if anyone else gets like this? Ive never had it like this before in previous pregnancies. I have a high pain threshold and these stop me from what im doing until it goes. Is it cos this is baby number 5? Would anything be happening to my cervix?

    I have visions of it happening like this for the next 6 wks and me getting to 38 wks and having 2 contractions and having the baby IYKWIM.

    It might be a silly question but ive never experienced this before so i thought i would ask for others experiences.

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    Braxton Hicks can be painful at times,I remember at 33 weeks one night,getting them every 3 to 4 minutes for an hour and they were exactly how you described...Build up and hit peak and ease off just like the real thing.I would say if you havent had a show or any blood then it is purely just Braxton Hicks. In substiquent pregnancies they become more intense.

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    Kristi, I was the same as you when pg with my 4th bub. My BH started very early too, I think around 24 weeks or so. Towards the end I would be having them daily for and hour or so at a time, sometimes I woud get excited and thik ohh this is it, but then I just got used to them teasing me.

    If at all practical, and I know it's hard with other children, try and go and have a warm bath or shower. This generally stops them for you.

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    I had exactly what you're describing at 32 weeks (second baby) - I was having them for about 3 hours in the morning at about 5mins apart and then they let up for awhile and started up again that night. Really scared me, it felt like the real deal to me.
    I mentioned to my OB a couple of days later and he checked me (I have a history of early labour) and baby was still high and I wasn't dilated at all. So they were BH's even though I could have sworn they were real.
    He also said BH are much more intense with subsequent pregnancies.

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