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Thread: internal exam and sweep?

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    Default internal exam and sweep?

    Hi girls, not sure if i should have posted up in the labour & birth section, or here...

    i was due on wednesday, i saw my doctor on Monday and he told me that 90% i will have the baby by next monday, and to still make an appointment to see him.
    If i havent gone into labour he said he will do an internal exam to 'see how ripe i am' and do a sweep to 'stirr thimngs up a bit' and then he will book me in for a day that week to bring on the labour.

    i kno i should have asked him, but i didnt really have a chance to think about what he said, i just said ok thanks see u next monday.. or before!

    What exactly is a 'sweep' and what is it that can tell him how 'ripe' i am....? i'm also a little confused, does he mean he will induce my labour if i havent gone naturally? i am fine with that, i'm just a little unsure what he means..

    hopefully i will go into labour naturally before monday!!


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    i think it's where they stretch the cervix, and scrape it, see if they can get things moving. If not, the next step is gels and drip - all the fun of an induction!!!

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    Hi Rach, I remember my OB saying the same thing to me when I was overdue with Declan. Bascially what they do is check your cervix to see if it is dilated at all and if not he will he will move his fingers around to try and seperate your membranes. (someone correct me if I am wrong) i think thats what they call a stretch and sweep and I guess then if nothing has happened he will induce you, with drips and/or gel.

    Good luck, hopefully bubs decides to arrive before then. Sending your truck loads of *labour vibes*

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    ok thanks girls... so if nothing has happened does he give me the gel then and there? or is that a hospital thing? and does it work straight away?

    i'm just wondering because if thats the case, i should get my partner to take me to my appointment instead of mum....

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    omg rach i cant believe it is time!!! i am soooooo excited for you! best to get someone to drive you anyway never know when this cheeky girl will wanna arrive!

    p.s do you have someone who is going to post her birth announcement for yoi?

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    I think he would give the gel to you @ the hospital, but I could be wrong. As for happening straight away, I think it depends on the individual. Some people start getting contractions a few hours later other have to have the gel put in a few times before anything happens and then sometimes it doens't always work and thats why they use a drip too.

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    Hi Rachy, yup what the girls are saying is true. With a stretch and sweep, that's exactly what they do, stretch your cervix and sweeps his/her fingers over the membranes (this irritates the membranes and scratches it so that they become weaker) to see if they may break a little later on. When he does this it is probably worth keeping a little active (don't tire yourself out though, just incase it works and you go into labour) go shopping, do laundry, go for a little walks. With the gels, this is done in hospital, he will insert the Prostaglandin gels into your cervix, you lay still for a good half hour, no less and start contracting. I've always had pain within 15 mins of insertion, but when I say pains, it's more of a dull period type pain, very managable. The pain gradually builds up becomes regular and you go into labour. I have only ever had to have one lot of gels, although I have heard of women needing up to three go's. I think the trick is to walk and walk and walk. Stop with each contraction and rest and then walk some more. When I rested for 15-20mins every so often. I would sit on my aerobics ball with legs spread and rock my pelvis gently. I have never had the drip nor do I want too, and I don't like my membranes being ruptured. Contractions hit way to fast and way to painful. I like to gradually build up to the moment rather than be thrust into it. lol. Good luck darl, you'll be great.
    Ta Dee

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    Yep the gel would be given to you at the hospital not in the doctors office. And what the girls have said is right about the stretch and sweep. You may find that you will bleed a little and maybe even lose a bit of your plug but don't panic it's all normal. I hope you do get to meet your little girl very soon.

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