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Thread: Internally Bruised!!

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    Default Internally Bruised!!

    Well i have such a big bubs inside me he has internally bruised me! i have this sore spot under my right boob it feels like its sunburnt or something but there is nothing there so i asked M/W and she told me as bubs is so big his bum has internally bruised me!
    Its getting worse and starting to happen on the other side now.

    Dont they induce when they think baby is to big?

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    I put the sunburned feeling down to stretching skin, it couldn't possibly be bruising for me because the whole top half of my tummy is like that!

    But I do have some tender spots, around my ribs and well, just in random spots actually, that are definitely more tender than others when they get a whallop.
    I just put it down to my violent baby, as opposed to a big baby (thinking positive here )

    Sometimes a dr will induce if they think a baby is getting too big, but considering inductions can be pretty intense experiences, I'm happy to leave it a bit longer.
    Actually, that just applies to the birth in general for me

    See how you go I reckon, probably your midwife/dr will be more inclined to intervene if the pain gets really really bad, but if you're just uncomfortable or in mild pain (though DH would get punched if he used the terms 'just' or 'mild'), it might be better just to suck it up..
    I guess have a chat to your midwife and see what she thinks.
    All the best!

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    Youch - sounds sore!!
    Unfortunately size estimates are pretty inaccurate it seems, so I wouldn't get too worried about a really big baby!
    In the last few weeks my osteopath became my savious for getting all the uncomfy bits out. She was a miracle worker! Even got a pubic strain I didn't even know I had out, and it felt so much better afterwards.
    Maybe try something like this?
    I personally had a child that liked to kick my ribs.

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