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    Here's a quick up-date as I am meant to be on bed rest- HA! How do you manage that with three kids???

    I started having mildly ouchy contractions along with period-lie pain the night before last that lasted all night and through the next day.(yesterday)

    My contractions lasted all day yesterday and by 6pm when DH got home I removed myself from the craziness of my house ATM to lie down and time them They were 5 minutes apart, very regular, you could have set my watch by them. The uterus is an amazing thing!

    I called my midwife who said come on in so after arranging baby sitting we raced off to the hospital. My contractions were coming every 3 to 4 minutes in the car. Car travel is not the best thing for a contracty uterus!!!

    I was greated at the birth centre by my lovely midwife who walked us upstairs to delivery suite. Once there my wee was checked and I was hooked up to the monitor. Contractions were coming pretty regularly, some stongish but not really painful now and some very weak. There was talk of injections to mature Jessie's lungs depending on what my cervix was doing. I was pretty calm as I know now what labour contractions feel like and this wasn't it!! I was pretty sure they were not enough to dilate me. But I wanted to rule out that this wasn't prelabour. Anyway, an internal showed a closed but partly softened cervix, which is expected after having had three children already. The Dr said that as that stage I would not require any mediction but I did need to get a good nights sleep. Double HA!!! She said she could give me Tomazapan and Panadine Forte.:eek: I don't think so!!! We compromised on some Panadine which is still sitting in the cupboard, hehehe, and I was allowed to go home and see what happened. If the contractions got painful or more frequent I was to come back in right away. I ended up having a good night as the contractions settled really well. It was just my irritable uterus playing up as it tends to do when I over do it. Thing is, I didn't feel I did over do it, but my uterus thought otherwise and let me know it!! It must have been the cleaning I did yesterday .

    So I'll just have to tip-toe through the next 5 weeks especially as they tell me that once bub gets to 32 weeks they tend to do really well. They don't even try to stop labour! I am am pretty sure that with rest I will make it to term alright. This same thing happened to me when pregnant with Katherine at 26 weeks, only I did require meds and a night in hospital to stop labour. We had moved house and I had waaaaaay overdone things. Stupidly so!!! But you'd think that sweeping and vacuuming wouldn't bring this on, but this time it did. The doc said irritable uterus gets worse with each pregnancy. I wonder if its because it's so much harder to rest with each pregnancy because of the children you have no choice in looking after and the house you have no choice in maintaining!

    Has anyone else had problems with an irritable uterus? What was your experience with it?

    Belly rubs and hugs to all,


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    No advice, but I've still accepted the belly rubs and hugs. Thanks

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    My SIL had an irritable uterus, but hers has actually gotten better with each child. She is up to no. 5, first 2 were 6weeks early, 3rd 4 weeks and 4th induced 2 weeks, like this one will be. HTH. Goodluck and try to rest.


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    Thankyou, Emma

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