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    Two weeks ago (at 27 weeks) I started having contractions which were 3 mintues apart. I went straight to hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors and confirmed that I was having contractions. After different meds they eventually were able to slow them down. Given that they started suddenly my ob said that it was more than likely an irritable uterus and not pre-term labour however he said that the contractions will continue now until bubs is born.

    I was given steriods as a precaution and am now on bed rest. I am still getting contractions every now and then but lying down seems to ease them and I also have meds at home to help. I had a scan yesterday and my cervix is still long and closed.

    Has anyone else had this and how far did you go in your pregnancy? What could you do or not do? Any help would be great!

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    I had contractions ona 29w6d and went thru the same thing being classified as 'irritable uterus'. I was on Nefedipine for 4wks, then had another bout of contractions at 36w. Both times cervix long and closed. I finally delivered my son last week at 40wks exactly.

    I took it as easy as you can with 2 other kids. I didnt lift heavy stuff so DH did the shopping, would carry the washing outside etc, but other than that life had to go on!

    I hope it all goes well for you!

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    ive had the same thing from about 28 weeks and was diagnosed with an irritable uterus at 34 weeks - cervix was still long and closed. im now 39 weeks and due to be induced tomorrow - i think i am already about 2-3cm dilated and partly effaced so all that work my uterus was doing early on has helped now that i am full term. i think its pretty common because i also posted a thread about it a few weeks ago and got lots of replies from girls with the same thing. unfortunately it is just very exhausting for us mums isnt it!

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    Hey Lynn

    irritable uterus is not an uncommon feature of the 3rd timester

    the uterus practises contracting in the from of braxton hicks...remember that the difference between a braxton hicks and a contraction, is that there is no cervical dilation with a braxton hicks. Braxton hicks are great as they are providing an oxygen hit for your baby and your uterus.

    more and more women find they are getting runs of BH (irritable uterus)...due to our ability to over do it in pregnancy, with work and everyday life

    this is generally our bodies way of saying 'slow down please'

    I had an irritable uterus with both my pregnancies, and finished work earlier that anticipated (26wks first time and 30 week second time round). I was induced at term for Finn and Jay was born on his due date.

    I think that sometimes OBs place a little too much emphasis on an 'irritable uterus'

    hope this helps...I was excited when I could feel my uterus working, as I knew it meant that it would all work ok on the day

    xx yogababy

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