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Thread: Itchy Nipples!

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    Default Itchy Nipples!

    Is this normal? It is driving me nuts... it's worse on one side than the other and it's only the nipples, not generalised itching.

    I've tried Lasinoh and Palmers' Tummy Butter.. both only stall the itching for maybe a couple of hours at the most!

    Anyone else get this... and have you found anything to help?

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    I'm not sure what it is and if its normal but I had it as well... enough to drive a girl nuts!!! I just used the nipple creams as well.

    Sorry that is really no help at all is it hehe!!

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    Oooh, I'm nowhere near the magical third trimester but I'm having the same problem at the right nipple started itching like crazy yesterday! And today the left one is itchy too!

    I've noticed that they look quite dry so that's probably what's causing the itch. I'm going to try some moisturiser and see if that does the trick. It's not a good look sticking my hand down my top every 5 mins and scratching like crazy!

    Hope you get some relief soon, hon!


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