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Thread: Itchy scratchy question....

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    catherine Guest

    Default Itchy scratchy question....

    I have developed a rash on the underside of my belly, I know this is probably a heat rash or just because my skin is stretched so tightly because of my huuuuuge guts, but it's driving me crazy!!!!

    I have been putting Sudocream on and this helps a bit, but I was wondering whether it is safe to take any antihistamines at this stage of pregnancy. And I know scratching just makes it worse but I can't stop myself!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Have you tried calamine lotion or some kind of anti itch stuff. Savlon is also very soothing so you could maybe try some of that. I'm not sure about antihistamines you'd have to ask your GP or at the chemist.

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    catherine Guest


    I just did a bit of a search through some old posts etc and it looks like I have PUPPP....lovely! I need some steriod cream, but given the time of year I have had no luck getting an appointment with a GP - will try the calamine as a 'stop-gap' measure.

    Interesting point to note...apparently 70% of women who get PUPPP have boys - DH is now delighted that I am scratching like a flea infested dog and has been rethinking the boys name list!

    I think maybe a lemonade icy pole will make me feel better........stuff that, time for a nice cold light beer shandy!

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    lmao thats funny! Well looks like I have PUPPP too and I AM havinga a Boy!!! My friend also has it and she is having a boy, isnt that funny!

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    catherine Guest


    Looks like I won't need any pink frilly stuff!

    None of my books mentioned PUPPP, but there are some yuck pictures on the internet....I'm hoping this baby comes out before it starts spreading to my legs and arms. Bad enough with the fluid retention, but big splotchy cankles will not be pleasant!

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    lehma06 Guest


    I had PUPPP very mildly & I had a boy. I found that soaking in a bath with this oatmeal soaker stuff you get from the chemist worked wonders. I found calamine lotion dried out my skin too much & made me itchier. I'm lucky it only lasted just over a week but have heard that some women can have it up until the day their baby is born.

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    I can sympathise I have Pupps too. It really flares up in the heat or when I get especially tired. Mine started just near my ankles and wrists and soon spread up my legs to my knees and up arms to elbows and my neck and face broke out. I am taking Milk Thistle to help my liver and using aloe vera cream to sooth the skin. My face and neck just sting when I try to put anything other than Aloe Vera on them. I might give the Oatmeal stuff a go, any recommendations?

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    catherine Guest


    My OB prescribed Phenergan (antihistamine) and a cortisone cream, I have also been using a disgusting brown cream called Egoderm which helps a bit. A nice cool Pinetarsol bath does the trick for about 10 mins.....better than nothing!

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    Ive got the same problem mine is on my arms and legs. At the moment ive changed my soap to oatmeal soap ( u can buy it at woolies) and just using sorbelene cream (dry skin) they recommend dat u use soap and moisterisers that dont have any perfume as it may irritate da skin and to try and have cool showers instead of warm ( which im finding it difficult ) Hope dis helps

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