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Thread: Its almost been 2 weeks sense The Show

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    Mustang Guest

    Default Its almost been 2 weeks sense The Show

    It has almost been two weeks sense i have had the show and im forty weeks tomrrrow.... my next antinatal appointment is friday, would they induce me then or let me go too forty two weeks, before deciding to induce me disregarding wiether or not it might of been four weeks sense the show?

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    I had a show at 38 weeks and then went 8 days over.
    I had an OB appt the day I had Caleb and he did a stretch & sweep which could have got things moving.
    He wasn't interested in admitting and inducing me untill I was at least 10 days over.
    You don't have to be induced if you've had the show, it's just a sign that your cervix is softening and opening up.

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    Mustang Guest


    Oh okies, I have tried everything to natrually put myself into labour, but nothing seems to be working... did the tea, sex, cleaning, walking you name it!...its just they said it was normal to have lost the show up to two weeks before nothing happens and im comming up to two weeks now and now, im scared this is abnormal....

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    It is not abnormal, it is infact quite common. As Sammi said the ho is just an indication that your cervix is shortening. There really is nothing to worry about.

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    mumma22 Guest


    hey there...
    I wouldnt worry at all... just because you have had a show doesnt mean that you will need to be induced it just simply means that your cervix is getting ready and during its preparation the mucus plug has worked loose..... its a good sign but not something that you have to be worried about being induced as im pretty sure there is no real risk of infection with a show...
    youll be fine love im a few days off 40weeks i know how you feel love good luck...

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    Mustang Guest


    Thanks, It makes me feel alot better, I have just been having alot of other ladies saying... ooos and ahhhs and hmmms "doesnt sound to good" from other women. I guess im quite anxious to have this baby, Im due today....and i still can't hold my baby!.

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    Hi Mustang,

    Snap! I'm in the same boat as you! I'm due on the 20th Nov and had a show two weeks ago today. I got really excited thinking something would happen within the two weeks... I agree, a lot of people say its a good sign that the baby is on its way. Had an ob app. 2 days ago and he wasn't concerned at all and said it was perfectly normal. He also said that he was happy for me to go 2 wks over before thinking about induction... fingers crossed that we go before then!


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