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Thread: IUGR??? Small baby

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    Question IUGR??? Small baby

    I'm being sent for and U/S tomorrow to assess the size of my baby. I am 36 weeks tomorrow and measuring 32. Fundal height was equal at 18 and 25 week visits but from then on fell behind.

    My previous pregnancy fundal height measurements were behind from the word go but still increased until 39 wks when I lost 3 cms from the week before. They were measured by the same dr all the way through, as they have been in this pregnancy.

    Last time I was sent for a u/s in the 39th wk showing DD had 25th percentile head, 20th femur, 50th Amnio fluid and 10th abdo. She was born healthy at 2.98kg (6lb 9oz) at 41+1 after an induction.

    Now drs sending me for another scan for this bub. I lead a very healthy lifestyle (dont drink, smoke etc and don't fall into typical IUGR risk group) and although tall, am quite slight. I'm in two minds at the moment, hoping that all is ok and that bub is healthy, but also that my previous pregnancy was the same deal and DD turned out perfectly.

    Anyone had similar experiences?

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    Sorry that you are in a stressful situation. I wish I had some advice for you, but I'm in the opposite situation (I'm at 32 weeks with a baby measuring at 34week size). I wish you all the best with your ultrasound tomorrow and hope that the outcome is good.

    I think the fact that your previous pregnancy was similar is a good sign though

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    All three of my boys were classed at IUGR. I am only 5'ft 3 or something like that and with my first was only very slim. I was approx at my biggest difference between weeks and fundal height I was 6cm below. ie at 35 weeks I was 29cm fundal height.

    They induced me with both Kameron and Lachlan at approx 38wk. Kam was 6lb exactly, Lach was 6lb 7oz. Ashton came into this world of his own accord 4 weeks early. The scan 2 days prior told me he was 4lb 11oz. He was born at 5lb 13oz.

    Please don't stress about it. If you baby is laying a different way from the previous week ie more forward, or more back whatever, this can put your fundal height out as well.

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    Is the measuring just when they measure your stomach?

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    Thanks guys for the replies,

    I went for the scan Thurs arvo and was told that all the critical factors were 'perfect' and all is symmetrical which is fabulous. Amniotic fluid a bit less than 50th percentile but apart from that all well. Baby 'measured' 5pds (but we all know this can be highly inacurate) but would put bub on track to be about the same size as DD 1 (6pd, 9oz) at term.

    Just a waiting game now......but not a stressful one.

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