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    Just A Few Questions

    Hey Im new here and even though this is my second baby Now that the time id drawing near, the nerves have come also.

    My first born (Jayden 07/06/00 10lbs 1 1/2ozs) was induced and now Im unsure of what to look for when I go into natural labour. #-o . I would really like to have this nice pleasent labour. Anything that is less like my first labour would be GREAT!

    Im 37 weeks and have had slight brownish staining through out my pregnancy at different stages but now that I am so far along it really concerns me but the baby is still very active. Am I worrying about nothing? Also I have been told, at my 36 week scan that I am having a girl because there is nothing there to indicate that it is a boy. How accurate is that?

    I see two doctors, my locla GP and an OB. The GP keeps telling me that the baby is huge but the OB seems to think it is normal size. The ultrasound showed the baby was 7lbs 3 ozs. Is this fairly reliable? I dont want another traumatic birth like number 1.

    Thanks Nicole

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    Hi Nicole,

    Ok, firstly, take a deep breath, let it out, and relax!
    It's perfectly normal to be feeling anxiety as you approach the labour, particularly if you've had a difficult experience previously. It sounds like we've had similar experiences - my third child, Max, just born, was 10lb 1oz, induced, and ended up with an emergency c-section because I just couldn't push him out!

    As far as 'what to look for' when labour starts, well, it's a little different each time. Sometimes your waters break first and it's a while before contractions start, but it's more usual to start getting contractions that don't go away, and start coming more frequently and strongly.
    If you get a series of Braxton-Hicks contractions, start timing them to see how far apart they are, and take it from there!

    I wouldn't worry at all about the staining, it's normal for you to pass a lot more mucus during the entirety of the pregnancy, I had to wear panty-liners the entire time I was pregnant and it is a little coloured, not always clear.

    The scans for gender are pretty accurate, but nobody will give you a 100% guarantee, because there is always a chance that they are wrong.
    I don't know how accurate the u/s weight estimates are, I've heard of them being pretty off but never bothered getting an estimate myself. I think that YOU are probably the best judge of whether the baby feels like it is a big one or not, I certainly knew with this one that he was above average. My OB would only say that the 'bump' was big, she wouldn't comment on the size of the baby.

    I know it's easy to say and hard to do, but please try not to stress, it doesn't really solve much and only makes you unhappy! Focus on the positives, and research your options for a relaxed birth plan as much as you can.

    Good luck with it all,


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    Hi Nicole,

    Welcome to BellyBelly.

    Congrats on your pregnancy, how exciting - not long to go now!

    Firstly, if you are concerned about the brown staining, mention it to your doc. Its probably nothing to worry about but at least he can put your mind at ease. As far as I know, brown is better than bright red.

    You can usually tell when you do got into labour, sometimes your waters will break, sometimes you'll start to have contractions regularly or may also have your show. If you think you may be, a phone call to the midwives we usually help as they can chat to you and should be able to say if you are or not.

    Not sure what is meant about the scan - maybe because there were no bits?

    I would say bubs is probably normal size so don't worry to much about that. From what the other girls say from on here, the scans aren't that accurate on birth size.

    Have a good look around the forums, we have heaps on labour and birth as well as on our main site HERE and of course, ask as many questions as you like

    Hope this has helped!

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    Hey Nicole Welcome to BellyBelly.

    Lots of things here so I will start with what pops first in mind!

    Gender of baby - If the person doing your ultrasound decided you were having a girl simply because there was no penis, then that is not an accurate way to distinguish gender. It may be a girl, sure, but if they haven't been able to find evidence of a girl either, then I wouldn't take their word as gospel. Was the person a general ultrasound person or do they specialise in Ob / Gyn issues? Because sometimes someone with a bit more experience in pregnancy scanning can give you a more accurate answer. There are plenty of girls in here though who have had innaccurate gender scans and some that know of people who have had them, so I never take the ultrasound scan as 100% unless I have seen it for myself! LOL

    Size of baby - Again, it really takes a well trained eye to give you a good estimate. I have heard of some really bad estimates too, like people being told they are having huge babies like yourself and they get all worried, yet they have tiny babies or are induced only to find they have small babies - very sad. Janet Balaskas, author of active birth and founder of the active birth movement, birthed a 10lb baby without tearing, by birthing upright, with the aid of gravity. So check out some active birth information (there is some on the main site here which will help give you confidence in your own body. Remember, ultrasound can be innacurate at the best of times, it's all calculated with mathematics and statistics, where especially late in pregnancy, your baby is growing based on his / her own genes - not averages.

    About the nerves: Fear or stress produces adrenaline. Adrenaline slows or stops the labour hormone, oxytocin. It's great that you are trying to quell your fears, and it's very important that you address them to let this baby come. Flight or fight kicks in, and if your body is not feeling safe, it will not allow baby to come - it's that complex and amazing.

    As my birth teacher says... "We can trust we have inner knowledge of the birth process; trust that our babies know the journey; trust we will draw to us those we need for support; trust in the power and flow of birthing energy."

    Trust your body. Trust your baby. And most of all, trust your instincts.

    All the best for a wonderful birth
    Kelly xx

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