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Thread: is labour near?

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    Smile is labour near?

    hey girls just wondering iv been feeling under the weather the last couple of days and really really tried i know your ment to be tried but i can fall asleep in seconds thats how tried i am also iv been getting alot of period like cramps in my lower belly and getting an upset belly baby is moving alot i dont feel hungry only eating for the baby iv got alot of discharged now more then befor and it has a smell to it like iv just had sex if ya know wat i mean is this all normal and is it away my body is tellin me im going into labour soon i just wish i knew wat my body was tellin me thank you for ya time

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    Kylie, sounds just like your body is doing what its meant to be doing at this stage. Seeing as how you are 38 weeks your labour is going to start soon enough anyway I think as you get this far into your pg there is just no room for food, hence why we eat less now. LOL.

    Hope that your labour begins sooner rather than later for you hun.

    ETA, your plug is like mucous, jelly, not like normal discharge. Cramps could just be braxtons or maybe the start of things. Goodluck.
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    You do get extra discharge in the late stages of pregnancy due to a progesterone surge from memory, so it could just be that. Here's our article on Early Labour Signs to read!
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    I'm also getting period pain type cramps and lower back ache. Just happens every day for a little bit. I guess things are just getting ready!

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