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Thread: Late and feeling s**t

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    Default Late and feeling s**t

    I'm 5 days over now and have been feeling worse and worse as time has gone by......

    I was fine up until around 10 days ago when i started feeling a bit tired, i'd been having strong bh's off and on for around a week, some quite painful ones and at one stage i was all set to head for hosi, but everything stopped. 2 appointments ago they queried my BP, then last week i ended up having to go in to have it checked out, aparantly although its high its not pre eclampsia.

    The last few days have been really tough, i have constant painful "tightening" but nothing regular, can't sleep, back pain is bad, headaches and to cap it all today i feel like i have flu, i am soooo tired now i just want to go to bed and wake up when its all over. I am booked in to be induced on thursday but i really don't want that to happen, my last labour was pretty good in the overall scheme of things and i'm really worried that if i end up being induced it will be nasty and i'll possibly end up resenting the baby, sounds mad i know but i'm so tired now that i don't care about much anymore.

    Sorry to moan on but i really feel so tired now that i don't know if i have the energy to go through labour.

    I don't expect anyone to say anything it just feels better to get it all out.


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    Sending you a big hug Taz.
    I hope bubs comes before Thursday for you.
    Are you still at the hospital everyday ?

    I'm there this week tomorrow at 9am, Wednesday for u/s at 11.15am i think and Thursday for BT 8am and visit to see the Dr 9am. Hopefully i will get to see you when i am there.

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    Thanks Michelle

    I'm in at the clinic on wed can't remember what time though then i have to be in at 7am on thursday.

    I just want it all to go away............


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    My scan is 11.30 Wednesday.

    I wonder if they will let me in to see you Thursday. Hopefully by the weekend you will be holding your little one in your arms.

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    Wishing you all the best for thursday, although i am hoping for your sake that you go earlier than that.

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    Hugs Taz. It's a horrible waiting game, isn't it? Particularly with limited sleep as aches and pain.

    I hope you little one is in your arms soon.

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    Taz how are you feeling today ?
    Hopefully we get to see a nice DR when you go tomorrow or that you have already had bubs before reading this.

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    still here and in such a mood i'm fit to kill. woke up this morning with a sore throat and my glands are all up, just what i need....... spent a couple of hours wandering the shops on my own, lingering roud the baby departments to see if that helped, all it helped was reduce the weight of my wallet.

    A friend returned the drape rod for my crib this morning, maybe thats the one thing that we were waiting for to be completely ready, i'm going to go and put it all together now, maybe then i'll be mentally ready and it will all happen, or maybe not.

    Appointment is 0940 tomorrow so maybe i'll bump into you, if not John has instructions to email you once bub has arrived but he tends to get a bit "you know" about having to contact people and i fully anticipate having to contact everone myself when i get home, email me with your mobile number and i'll add youto the text list, that way he can't miss you out.


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    Hi Taz, Just sent you email
    If i get time i will pop in and see if you are still waiting to be seen tomorrow. They was running a hour late this morning and i was there for 9am. Waited a hour to be seen within 5mins.

    Hopefully things start to move for you tonight and you don't need that appt tomorrow.

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    Hi Taz, sending you lots of LV's. If it is any consolation I was 10 days overdue with DS when they induced me using the gel and I had a good (as good a labour can be!) experience overall. Being induced didn't seem to affect my labour, besides bring it on of course!

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