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    Default Left Rib Pain

    It started as what I thought was muscular back pain from my huge size g breasts and it was in mid back. I have had a few massages and still feel that pain. It is worse when I am sitting, laying on the back helps but I find that laying on side hurts it as it is not supported.

    Anyone so I started to get wrap around pain from the left back to the rib cage as well, but right under the breast. I had a kidney ultrasound when looking at my fibroud which is lower so I know the organs are ok on that side!!

    Any suggestions to help with the pain?? I hopefully can see the chiropractor this week and see if that helps!!

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    I had it with Amy and it was really bad. It was her foot and DH could move her to give me some relief until she got comfortable there again. Ouch! Actually on re-reading your post, my pain was in the front so I am probably no help at all.

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    I am getting that pain too, and i know bubba has his bum shoved right under my ribs. I get awful back and shoulder blade pain from it,, and when it gets unbearable, I get sever stitch type pain in my ribs on that side. The braxton hicks make it agravated, and the only relief,, as even breathing hurts when i get he stitch pain,, is to either stand leaning over something, or get on all fours and do a cat type psition stretch. This tends to relieve most of the pain,, even if only for the time i am in that position. A nice hot shower with a hard spray helps too.

    Oh, btw,, I have large boobs too, about a E cup

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    As I type this I have major rib pain! It's her foot and for the life of me I can't make her move it! Usually me rubbing the area helps - at the moment I'm leaning to one side so I can't feel it!

    I hope your's is easy to move!!

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    Ha so I am not crazy!! It seems this is very normal thing. I have an ultrasound today and see if that baby shifted as the pain has subsiided a bit!!

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