thread: the "let down" feeling

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    Nov 2003

    the "let down" feeling

    ok I didnt get this untill after Joshua was born,
    but for the past week I have been getting it now, and then my boobs leak alot of colostrum, anyone else getting the feeling? is it normal for it to happen around now with a second pregnancy? some times its really tingly and painful, (like it was just then hence my post and how it was after joshua was born) and other times its just a tightening feeling of my boobs all the time i get it though they go rock hard, maybe theres just too much trying to come through?anyone else got any suggestions?

    take care

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    Mar 2005


    Lesley, it happened to me from when I was 25 weeks preggers with William,and the amount of milk I had when he was born , well the nurses said I could feed the whole maternity ward,heheheheheh, hope the boobies settle down soon darlin! xx 4 u

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    That sounds perfectly normal to me - as 'normal' as anything else your body does during pregnancy! Boobs are painful critters when they get ready for lactation, I used to make a lot of jokes about being a good cow to help keep a perspective on it!

    Good luck and I hope everything settles down soon for you, I remember well those painful days when the milk first came in.


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    Jan 2005
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    Yeah I did a bit, especially in the last weeks before Angus was born. When I went overdue I twiddled my nipples to try and get labour started. I'd read that somewhere. All it really did was make them leak a bit more.