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Thread: In limbo. Please help!

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    Danstar Guest

    Default In limbo. Please help!

    Hi everyone!

    This is my first real goes...

    I have been booked in for a caesar - 4weeks time!!! I am very excited about meeting my new baby, but am still not 100% sure that I am doing the right thing. The main reasons behind this are that after the birth of my first (10 pounds!), 30 hour labour which ended in an emergency caesar and a good dose of PND, I thought that this may avoid all that and actually let me enjoy my little bundle.

    Do you think that it would be a good idea to ask for a follow-up scan to check the size of the baby before I make this decision? Im concerned that this labour will progress in much the same way - I dont think I could go through that again [-o<

    Would love to hear what you all think.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    hello and welcome to BB,
    I'm due with my first so I can not give you any first hand experience, however my sister was in the same position as you. Her first baby was emergency C, it's head was massive and was 9.5 pounds, after a full day in labour they could not get him out naturally so they did teh C section.

    With her second, she booked in for a C as it was the same father so she assumed the same complications would take place. She actually ended up pushing the C-section forward a week as she had very bad siatica so it worked out well that she had planned a C-section.

    My sister lives in the country, she only uses natural products (she even wears only organic make-up) etc etc... She would have loved a natural birth, but in the end, the health of her baby was more important than her desire to have a 'natural' birth. There are many reasons for having a C-section. I think that often your first choice is the right one, that said, I think you should talk over your concerns wtih your doctor and midwife, as whatever decision you make you will need to be 100% committed too. Having a C-section is NOT the easy way out and you will need to be strong with which ever birth plan you choose.... good luck, and let us know how you get on.

    All the best

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    I agree with Cee Cee, i think you need to do what is best for your baby, even though you did have those complications last time it doesnt mean that the same thing will happen again, however i do understand your worry, i wouldnt want to go through that twice, thats for sure.

    i personally would ask for another scan a bit closer to the date just to help you out with your decision. but if you feel that you will worry too much then the caesar would be the way to go. A lot of people feel that this is the EASY way out but please dont think that!

    Good luck with your decision!

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    Danstar - I'm booked in for a caesar in 2 days due to placenta previa and I had a scan just after 37 weeks to doubly confirm that the placenta hadn't moved. If nothing else, it put my mind at rest that I explored all of the options and at least got to make an informed decision in conjunction with my ob. I felt like a bit less of a passenger IYKWIM?

    If you suffered PND with #1 I guess they would consider you at risk of going through the same again, so if you asked for a scan to put your mind at ease I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble getting it. Has the dr given you any indication this is another big baby already? On the other hand, if they do a scan and they think the baby is not as big, have you thought about whether you're up to attempting a vaginal delivery?

    I hope you find peace with whatever decision you make, and I'm sure without the stress of the emergency situation you were in last time you'll be a lot better off!

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    Danstar Guest


    Thanks for the advice everyone.

    I have asked that my ob carry out a scan at my next scheduled visit. However, he says that this is not a very accurate indication of bubs' size. I think Im going to go with the caesar [-o<

    I really just want what is safer for my baby - and it appears that c/s is the best option.

    Wish me luck


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