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    Hi Ladies

    I was just wondering if the linea nigra can be on other parts of the body?
    I know that sounds silly but since i have been pregnant i have a faint line straight down the middle of my forehead, it just looks like the darker skin colour just like the line on my tummy.

    I thought i was imagining it but my husband said he could see it too.

    Thanks for your advice with this

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    Hi jamnik

    It could be related to the term ' pregnancy mask'. But i think thats more like marks you get on the face shaped as blotches and dots. I think i did have at one point a line like mark, except it was on the bridge of my nose!lol..but it faded away earlier on pregnancy. And all i have is blotches here and there, almost looks like aged liver spots! But hopefully they will go once the pregnancy had ended.

    Sorry if this doesnt pinpoint the right answer to your question. But just a thought.


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    Hi Jamnik,
    Not sure if it's still called Linea Nigra if it's on your head, but I have the one on my belly (and mine's crooked!!! Either that or my belly button is off centre!!!), and I have really patchy, dark pigmentation on my face now. Apparently it's fairly common and hormone related. Maybe this is what you're experiencing?
    Not sure if that helps at all
    All the best,

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