thread: Long Cord - Issue?

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    Long Cord - Issue?

    I have a question about the umbilical cord. My mother and sister told me not long ago that they both have a history of long umbilical cords and both my niece and nephew had the cord wrapped around their neck when born and my mum had a stillborn baby at around 8 months due to cord compression. I have read an article that says it is rare for babies to pass on from the cord wrapped around their neck and that shorter cords are more of a worry.

    Since my family told me about this, I get a bit worried if I haven't felt bub move for a while . Is this something I should be worried about or get checked or is it normal? I don't really know much about the cord but I know it can vary greatly in length.

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    The longer the cord is in relation to the baby's body the easier it is for bubs to get tangled in it, so theoretically yes, a longer cord might be a problem, BUT there is no way to tell how long the cord is before birth. These things seem to be genetic (very long/short/abnormal cords can be a sign of congenital abnormalities), so your mum and sister could both have a gene which, passed to their babies, causes a slightly longer cord to form. But there's no way of knowing if you have this genetic tendency, and if you do there's only a 50% chance your baby would have it, since it will be half its daddy (assuming the same thing hasn't been noted in his family), and if it DID it's still very unlikely there'd be a problem anyway.

    I know of a woman whose daughter's cord was almost 5 FEET long and she was fine, and also of a woman who had to have a ceasar because bubs wasn't descending and when they lifted her our her cord was only about 8 inches long - not long enough for her to be born. Both of these extremes are extremely rare though, and cord accidents can occur with any length of cord.

    I'm pretty sure there's someone online here (think i saw pics of it all) whose little boy was born completely healthy with a complete knot in his cord. Cord accidents are one of those "Act of God" things.

    ANY mother who feels their baby isn't moving as much as normal, or who feels something is "not right" with the baby should see her care provider ASAP. DD was often quiet in the late 3rd tri - she liked to sleep in the day and did a lot of kicking at night instead. I would have a cold sweet drink and count movements for an hour or two if i was worried.


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    Hi Bec

    Thanks for your post. So amazing that you know of people who had long (5 feet - jeepers) and short cords which has put my mind at ease. Sometimes my mind goes into overdrive and I think the worst but I will hunt around for stories in BB esp the complete knot - unbelievable.

    My little missy is usually quiet while I'm at work and moves around lots at night and can usually make her move if I need reassurance.

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    My first son had a true knot in his cord...he was born at 37 weeks, 6 days. Caused him no problems, but the midwives all wanted to have a peek, as it's quite unusual.

    Son number 2 had a very long cord...It was around his neck, only once, and quite loose, again no real problem.

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    Hi Tinsel

    I can understand your apprehension. My son Angus was born with a true knot in his cord and also it was wrapped around his neck 4 times. I was very worried it would happen again and had a lengthy discussion with my OB about it.
    He even talked me out of a c/sect as he said there was more risk associated with complications from that than a knotted cord or cord around the neck. They see them all the time!

    Caleb had a very long and thick cord but he wasn't tangled up in it at all.

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    hmm my last ultrasound, last week, the lady told me that my sons cord is around his shoulders and goes down to his legs.. she said its nothing to worry about, i'm just hoping it all untangles itself before its time to give birth..

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    All my kids had quiet short cords - my first was the shortest at 30-35cms.

    #1 had to have his cord cut before I could cuddle him as he couldn't move from between my legs. #2 and #3 could be put on my lower abdomen but we had to cut the cord in order to feed and cuddle.

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