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Thread: loose stools threwout pregnancy

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    Default loose stools threwout pregnancy

    hey guys i know this is a yucky subject but after reading 1 of the other posts about diarrhea causing miscarriage i thought i had better ask just incase.

    Basically i have had loose stools threw out most of my pregnancy i am now 36 weeks and every thing seems to be ok with the baby.
    the diarrhea comes and goes but it seems that every time i make a trip to the toilet for number 2s its quite loose.
    yuck i know

    im just getting concerned because i had the impression that it was supposed to be the other way around.

    any way is this happening to any1 else i could use some insight before my next midwife appointment a week from now.

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    it is my understanding (people can correct me if i am wrong) that diorrea is quite common during pregnancy, but so long as you are not dehydrating it is not that big a risk. if you are worried you should check with your doctor.

    personally i have been alternating between really soft and hard the whole way though my pregnancy, my doc wasn't concerned and just told me to keep up my fluid intake.

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    bianca_m Guest


    thanks misty
    thats a big help
    i wasnt to worried because i drink plenty of water and my diet is quite good but thought i had better check.

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    Misty is correct. Diarrhoea is common in pregnancy. Constipation is also common.
    Diarrhoea can cause miscarrage but it needs to be very bad diarrhoea and over a few days.
    Hope this puts your mind at rest.

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