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Thread: low amnio fluid?

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    Turk Guest

    Smile low amnio fluid?

    Hi, very new so not sure if this question has been asked before or if anyone can give me advise (or its happen to you)?
    1st preg, healthy no problems
    2nd preg baby stopped growing, due to placenta calcified around 36wks mark, but doctors didn't fully realise until 39wks,
    3rd preg, placenta calcified aswell, but also had low amnio fluid because baby was surviving on it solely? this was all picked up around the 36wk mark aswell,
    now with forth, at 33wks, i had ultra sound yesterday to check growth of baby, and now growth good baby developing good fat deposits, placenta good, BUT low/not enough amnio fluid!!
    Has this happened to anyone before? what happen? anyone with any advise?

    I know this is only a thing a doctor will fully tell you but going by mothers instinct they don't tell you everything!

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    *las* Guest


    I had this happen. At around 32 weeks I had a slow leak of membranes, I had an ultrasound weekly and at just over 36 weeks it got too low and we had to induce DS.

    He's perfectly fine though! I just had to rest as much as possible for the few weeks to slow the leak as much as possible.

    Hoping all will be ok for you!

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    Turk Guest


    thank you las for replying.

    How low was to low?
    They've told me baby has only pockets of fluid around it? Can this been really dangerous for baby?
    how big was your baby born?

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    *las* Guest


    Hi Turk!

    We got down to 3cm. Normal range in the third trimester is from 5-20/25cm from memory.

    He had a great birth weight, 3.21kg, so he had that on his side!

    Are they worried about the size of your baby?? What have they suggested for you?

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    we were told the normal levels for fluid were between 8-25. i am sitting on 10 so on the low side, but still within the normal range.

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