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Thread: maybe an early delivery

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    Question maybe an early delivery

    hey girls

    just thought ill say hi and ask and second timers wat you think of this i had my 36 week ultrasound done on tuesday just to see if my placenta has moved away enough from my cervixs well its a 4.3cm away from cervix which gives me the all clear for a vbac but there was something the doc told me and i dont know which way to take it he said babys head is press up agenced my cervixs dose this mean my baby has dropped into my pelvis if so i didnt think 2nd babys did this until labour was about to begin i v been having a lots of b&h for the past two weeks and period like cramps every now and then also it feels really heavy and sore most fo the time down in my hoohoo area aswell wat should i be thinking at this stage iv got 4 weeks left til my due date can anyone help thanks

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