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Thread: More about nose bleeds!

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    Unhappy More about nose bleeds!

    I've never had a nose bleed before in my life, I had a sort of minor one the other day, but last night I had one that bled like I'd chopped off a finger or something! (TMI!!) I did blow my nose, and like HelenP(?) I have been a bit weepy lately.

    It took about an hour to stop it totally, and slept all night with a blocked nose, so dry mouth and kept waking up - you've just gotta love pregnancy!

    I read we have more blood in pg, but could it also be related to whatever chemical makes the cervix thin out? (I've got 2-3 week till my due date)

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    its nearly over

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    I had a lot of nose bleeds in early pregnancy. A few midwives told me that with the increased blood volume, some capillaries just can't handle the extra load. Like the ones in our nose.

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    I had heaps of nosebleeds during both my pregnancies, but only in the first and sometimes second trimesters - I think I had run out of 'extra' blood by the third trimester since so much had poured out my nose!

    the worse one was while I was driving to work one day, not fun when you're in traffic and cant pull over so you just have to let it pour out all over you. From then on I travelled with a towel sitting next tome ready!

    Hope its not too much longer for you so you get your nose back!

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    Hey nickel,
    I got nosebleeds in my first trimester and am getting them now too - you're right - our mucus membranes are very thin and all that extra blood doesn't help either - I will just start gushing for no apparent reason - always seems to happen around small children - had to reassure my class of 5 year olds that I was fine and also the other day (with blood all over my shirt!) my eight year old that this is completely normal and I'm not in pain.
    I don't go anywhere without those little packs of tissues now.

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    i too have never ever had a nose bleed in my life and on sunday morning i had one. It was only very little and didnt last very long but i was totally shocked!:eek:

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    I didn't really have any full-on bleeds, but every time I blew my nose there was a bit of blood. It would take a bit of dabbing until it stopped too.

    Like you, I never had any nose bleeds before! They stopped after my baby was born.

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