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Thread: Morning Sickness AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Morning Sickness AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have posted this in the 2nd trimester qst also - but thought i would ask you girls also

    I had really bad morning sickness till about 20 weeks pregnant - no i am 25 weeks it has come back in the last few days. I can't eat again and i am being sick all the time.

    Has anyone else had there morning sickness come back?


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    Hi, I'm unfortunately in the same boat. I had extreme morning sickness from 6 weeks through to 29 weeks where I could hardly keep anything down at all. I lost alot of weight and only just started to show at 28 weeks. I thought I was over it except for a bit of motion sickness but it came back about 2 weeks ago and has stuck with me. I am now back to vomiting and can't eat breakfast, although I seem to feel alright in the evenings so am still managing to eat tea. I am also suffering from really bad dizzy spells and can no longer go shopping or out for very long on my own. I asked my midwife about it and all she has said is that this sometimes happens to some women and it will stay with me now until the day I give birth but should disappear within a couple of hours of our baby being born. I know how terrible you feel. It's awful being sick all the time.


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