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Thread: movments slowing down

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    maggie Guest

    Default movments slowing down

    Hi, i am a little over 38weeks, and have noticed that bubs movements are slowing down, this is normanl right?

    I am still geting more then 10 ina 12 hr period, but not the obvious kicks i am used to,,

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Yep its completely normal.Depending on how bub is laying to depends on what you can feel and bub is running out of room!

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    Ive noticed the same over the past few weeks.. id say its due to bubs having less and less room to move now, i know mine is facing towards my left and also that his head is engadged so he cant move around to the front or anything anymore. Its just the odd elbows and knees moving i feel throughout the day.

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    maggie Guest


    Thanks guys

    Just had a n obs appt, and he said te same thing, and its all normal : said that as bubs gets bigger not the roomt o move around, hertbeat nice and strong,and he said that labour is close... yahoo , just cant wait, bring it on

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    skorpy Guest


    I dont feel my baby move half as much now.Kind of a relief actually.But maybe things will start to move..apart from baby of course.

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