thread: Mucus Plug? Advice Pls, TMI Warning...

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    Brooke M Guest

    Mucus Plug? Advice Pls, TMI Warning...

    Hello ladies.

    I'm hoping someone out there who has been there done that will be able to help me pls?

    Ahem, this is all a bit much, but I had a stretch & sweep yesterday, and my OB said to not be concerned if I had any bleeding over the next 24 hours, but I haven't actually had any, maybe the tiniest bit of staining but that's it. Anyway I've just been to the loo and seen a sticky stringy mucusy type thing on the loo paper, which was brown stained but only about the size of a heaped 5c piece. Oh I'm so sorry about all of this, yeuk.

    I am just wondering if it might be the start of my mucus plug coming away, which would be great news for me, or if it is just something that would normally happen after a cervical stretch & sweep?

    Any advice would be much appreciated, not sure if I'm clawing at straws here.



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    Hi Brooke

    I never had a cervial sweep and stretch, but I had an internal at 37wks and 5 days. from that day I bled, and it too was stringy and sometimes clumpy. I rang the hospital cause it was getting really bad and they said to me that it sounded like my mucous plug was coming away.

    Dont' forget if it is your mucus plug doesn't mean to say you will go into labour I have know a couple of girls where the plug actually grew back (bet you didn't want to hear that LOL)

    Love :smt049

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    Brooke M Guest

    Oh Kathryn you mean mean lady! I am starting to get a bit more now, so am assuming that might be what it is...please please don't grow back.....

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    Karyne Guest

    Sorry my experience is not what you want to hear either. I had a sweep every week during the last 4 weeks and each time the mucus plug came away. I also had contractions 5 mins apart for half the night after each sweep as well. The good thing was that each week I dilated 1/2 cm more (most likely due to the sweep and contractions).

    I hope this isnt the case with you and it kickstarts real labour.
    Sending lots of labour vibes your way.

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    Brooke M Guest

    Thanks for your info Karyne, at least I have had a bit of a reality check and aren't getting overly excited. Am back to having 12 min contractions again - my body likes either 12 mins or 20 mins for some reason. Can you tell me if there was any difference in the feelings of your BH contractions and your contractions once you were in labour? I get painful BH contractions all the time and I can tell when they are coming as I get a wave like feeling - just wondering if there is something that will stand out as obvious if/when I start to get true labour pains?


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    Karyne Guest

    I also got quite painful BH with my third. I thought I was going into labour every second night with contractions 5 mins apart but then after a few hours they would start to slow down. The only way I can describe the difference is that in real labour they are more intense and seem to keep getting harder to stand through even if they dont get closer together. Sorry not much help here.

    I hope something happens for you tonight. You could try a bit of nipple stimulation or sex when you start getting regular contractions again. They both can help things along.

    Good luck!