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Thread: My baby is currently breech!??

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    Default My baby is currently breech!??

    Hi! I know I shouldnt be worrying as I'm only 28 weeks but the dr just told me that she thinks the baby is lying in the breech position. I was just wondering whether any-one else has been in this situation and could you please give me some advice and comfort that all is going to be fine?!! Also I am so sick of people telling me that I'm big!! I have only put on weight out front and am definately bigger than I was in my first pregnancy (got told repeatedly then that I was SO small!) but I'm not huge. I feel great and love my growing belly but am just so sick of hearing it - usually reply with "well yeah, there IS a baby in there!". Thanks, just needed to vent!

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    Hi truly is amazing how people feel free to comment on a pregnant woman's body isn't it! I really refrain from doing it to others now that I know how it feels! As if we're not dealing with enough without worrying about our size/shape!!

    With a 2nd bub it would make sense for you to be bigger. But some people tell me I'm big, and alot of ppl freak because they think I'm too small. What the! So don't worry about it - just go with yourself and your mw/ob looking after you. That's all that matters, as long as you're healthy.

    Re the breech thing - 28 weeks is TRULY way too early to worry . But if you do some internet research there's good reading out there...

    also I was going to a pregnancy yoga class and they swore by getting down on all fours to watch tv (letting your belly hang) - or hanging your upper body off a fit ball/chair/whatever - just to allow the bub maximum room in there to move, and allow gravity to work in pulling the head (heaviest part) down.

    If you get to 38 weeks and are breech, other things like acupuncture can work well for women too.

    If you google it there's a stack of info on breech positions and about exercises to help turn the baby.

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    Danni, it's still pretty early and Bub has plenty of time to move into the correct position. Rahjah has given you some great information!

    As for people telling you that you're big, it's annoying isn't it? I have had "are you sure there aren't twins in there" - there are some real annoying people out there...I personally don't think I'm huge and have that healthy glow happening.

    Good luck..

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    Thankyou Rahjah! I really appreciate your reply and reassuring advice. I feel much better now after reading several internet sites and becoming more informed.

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    Hi Danni,

    Bubs still has time to move at 28 weeks. My bub was breech at 31 weeks but by 32 had turned.

    Also it is amazing how all of sudden there are so many professionals that like to give you there 2 cents (whether you want it or not!!!) In the same week I was told that I looked big and someone else told me that I couldn't possibly be the gestation that I said I was because I wasn't big enough!!!!

    All the best

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    Hey Danni,

    My bubs was mostly breech untill about 30 weeks. I haven't done anything special to turn him. I do ly on my left side as much as possible in bed (but get fed up with it) and when I sit, I try to sit legs apart and leaning somewhat forward as I understand that will help bub with finding the right position and engaging. So far so good.
    Good luck but don't worry. Usually bub will find the correct position before the 36 week mark!

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    also dont forget you can birth a breech baby vaginally!!
    so research that to because some times babies dont want to move(although most will)

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