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Thread: My poor hands!

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    Default My poor hands!

    I've got constant pins and needles in my hands, i'm pretty sure its just carpal tunnel syndrome but it used to go away in the day time, now its constant. They are also swollen and numb at times. The finger exercises don't help either

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    I have the same thing, last week the midwifes said it was carpel tunnel and would be mainly at night, this week however i have found it to be constant in one hand.

    One of the lovely ladies on here posted for me to try letric soda crystals to reduce the swelling and to wear a splint/wrist strap at night. My hospital has referred me to their physio who will give me a wrist strap to wear at night, hopefully this will help ease my symptoms.
    All i can offer is hugs and let you know your not alone.

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    I have carpal tunnel as well and I bought a wrist splint from the chemist (only about $30) and it makes a big difference.

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