thread: need advice-estimated 11 lb baby..recommended C-section

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    need advice-estimated 11 lb baby..recommended C-section

    I am 41 weeks today so we went for the routine ultrasound to ensure everything looks okay. They estimate, based on ultrasound, that our baby will be 11 lbs! My daughter was 8lbs 10oz at 5 days past due. The doctor recommended to be induced right away or have a c-section. I am almost 5'3 and petite. Although I delivered my daughter without complication, the doctor spoke of complications such as shoulder dystocia that has made me fearful of a vaginal delivery. We lost our first baby at full term a few hours after she was born so we definitely don't want to take needless risks. On the other hand, they can admittedly be off on the size of the baby by a pound or so either way...though i've spoken with two friends who went to the same clinic and they were spot on. Any thoughts?

    Thanks very much!!


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    Hello Halley and welcome to BellyBelly!

    This is a very difficult question, and one which really needs to be answered by a health professional. If your doctor feels you or your baby's health may be at risk but you are unsure what you want or need, I would most definitely seek a medical second opinion.

    You are right in that ultrasound estimates can be off the mark sometimes, but again, you and your baby's health is most important here.

    All the very best and please do let us know how you go!
    Kelly xx

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    Hi Halley

    I was told ultrasounds could be out by as much at 15% they were quite out with both my babies. If I was in your situation I would probably be wanting a c-section I don't think I would like to try and push out a baby that big, considering there has been problems before etc.

    Love :smt049

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    Halley, have you considered getting a second opinion? It might help you with your decision.

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    I was told that my baby was going to be well over 9lbs so I opted for a c-section and when she was born weighing only 7lbs I was very very ****ed off at my doctors!!! (excuse the language but it is the easiest way to describe how I felt).

    I agree that maybe get a second opinion (although I did that and both Doctors told me big baby!!!) but if I were you and was only 5'3" (I am almost 6') I would seriously consider a c-section because even if they are out by the 1/2 lbs then you are still looking at a bubs born around 9lbs!!!

    Good luck with your decision ... I hope everything goes well for you no matter what your choice!


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    carmen Guest

    Good luck Halley

    I look forward to hearing how you get on and what decision you make.

    I think that the most important thing is your health and the health of the baby so I would take doctors advice.

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    schneeballe Guest

    Big baby is here!

    Hello! Baby was born Wed am at 7:49am weighing 10 lbs 15 basically 11 lbs. I went in Tues night for induction. They broke my water at 12am then started pitocin at 2am. I pushed for 45 min and had only 2nd degree tears. The OB did need to help his shoulders out. He put his hand in over the baby and sort of eased him out. I am very happy that we tried the birth vaginally. With our next baby, I think i will do the ultrasound at 38 weeks and induce if he/she is looking as big! The OB joked that I had better smoke during my next pregnancy so the baby doesn't get too big! Anyway, I am very thankful he is here safe and healthy...and that I didn't buy too many newborn clothes or diapers because he's already onto the next size! Thanks for all of your replies and suggestions!

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    Awww thats great news Halley! So glad to hear it went well. Congratulations on your little boy, does he have a name?

    Don't forget to checkout our newborn section!


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    Congratulations Halley. Great to hear about his birth

    Love :smt049

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    katanya Guest

    wow a big did a great job!

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    Wow, that is a big baby! Very well done. Congratulations and welcome to the world!


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    Congratulations Halley

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    Congrats!!! almost 11 pd!! You must've found it hard to walk anywhere... lol. Sounds like you did a brilliant job! Well done


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    Congrats Halley!

    Glad that everything went well

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    WOW congratulations,
    great job on getting that little boy out!

    glad everything went well with it all

    take care

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    Congratulations on the birth of your (big!!)little boy, Halley!!!
    Well Done!!!!! \/